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In what practical way do you try to conserve the environment?

Asked by Schroedes13 (3876points) July 27th, 2011

Just wondering how you guys do it. It can be a very traditional or completely radical and new idea.

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We don’t run the water when brushing our teeth, we don’t always flush the toilet when we pee, we don’t buy a bunch of crap that we don’t need. We live relatively simply compared to a lot of other people, and try to go out of our way not to waste anything we have. We reuse as often as possible. We plant a garden.
Probably a lot of other little things, as well. I wish I could say that we recycle, but we quit. It was a hassle to separate everything and then drop them off at two different locations whenever it was full. Curbside pickup would be pretty awesome.

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I only take a shower when I feel like it.

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I recycle a lot, anything that’s recyclable goes into the blue bins. There’s actually a lot of shit you can recycle. Also saves money on garbage bags lol.

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I chose to live in a city where I can commute by bike, foot, train or bus.

I have a car, but it’s #5 on my list of favorite travel modes.

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I never litter. My pockets and purse are full of wrappers and other small trash until I dispose of them properly.

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I recycle everything there is to recycle. I also don’t run the taps. When I brush my teeth I only use water to wet the brush and to rinse, same with my face. I also tend to burn candles at night instead of using lights. I don’t eat meat, so that saves a lot of energy/grain that it take to raise/slaughter the meat. I refuse to litter and recycle things for people that do not. I usually get where I need to go through walking, biking, and public transportation. I figure the bus is going to run anyways so if I need to go far why not hop on instead of driving? I time myself when I shower and try to get out as fast as possible and usually have cold showers. I also garden a little bit. (nothing major though)

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I also never litter. ever I’m always picking up litter from those who are garbage can challenged.

I use our very large clothes line as much as possible. About 9 months out of the year, at least.

I run all my errands on the same day. We only own one vehicle.

We let pee sit in the toilet and don’t let the water run when we brush our teeth.

We recycle plastic bags and aluminum.

We keep the thermostat set at 64F in the winter. that’s nothing for some people I know. We have a friend who sets his at 55F

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I started a river cleanup project and this year will be the 4th annual!

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I keep all my lights off during the day light.
I close my blinds on the side where the sun rises till its on the other side going down. Then I close that side and open the other side. This helps to keep the house cooler. In the winter I leave the blinds open to warm up the house.
In the fall and spring, I open all my windows and turn off the a/c or heat on good days.
I do most of my washing and ironing and vaccuming in the evening in the summer to avoid heating up the house during the warmest part of the day. This helps to keep the a/c from running like crazy to keep the temperature down.
In the winter I do the opposite so these things are used to keep the house warmer during the day. At night, it doesn’t matter. A blanket and some warm clothing work just fine.
Twice a year, I clean and check all the seals on my windows so they can keep the heat or the cold out and the rest of it in.

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Recycling waste. Composting. Not wasting water. Solar hot water system. Growing native plants that will attract and feed native birds and insects. Reusing plastic bags. Avoiding getting a plastic bag at the shops. Not driving a huge car.

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Being vegetarian, eating local and organic when possible, recycling, biking, reusing bags, boxes, etc., planting native plants and trees, and so on.

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In addition to several of the items noted above, the SO and I recently bought a battery recharger and are converting to all rechargeable batteries. He doesn’t own a car and walks or takes public transportation with only an occasional use of taxi service. When we walk down to the market, we take cloth sacks with us.

We recently found a local recycling center that takes items like computer equipment and some other interesting things. It was a long walk, but worth it. I’d hate to see a set of speakers and other items go into a landfill.

We also look at existing furniture vs. newly made items for furnishing the house. (England has some awesome antique shops!)

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I don’t drive a car here in Norway and I am the recycle police in my house. We pick up the garbage we find when we are out walking, a habit, I’m happy to say, my 6 year old has now too. Hubby takes him motorcycle when he can, instead of the car and instead of buying new, we try to recycle old stuff we have or go to our recycle depot and look for things.

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I don’t go out of my way to do anything special for the environment, I just try in earnest not to waste. I turn off lights when I don’t need them (usually in the daytime if I’m reading, I sit by a window instead of turning the lights on). I never run the water for longer than I have to. I don’t dump trash wherever I happen to be standing, and I recycle whenever I have something recyclable. I don’t buy plastic water bottles unless I’m out and really need water (like at a festival) because my own sink provides me with more than enough water. I tend to shop at thrift stores and I also donate anything I no longer want, which I think is the best form of recycling. I don’t eat meat (though I’m not a vegetarian for environmental reasons, I do think there are environmental benefits to it as well).
Most of these things I don’t do because I’m trying to be environmentally friendly, I just think that being wasteful is in a way spiteful and ungrateful. Why waste things when you don’t have to?

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