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What kind of clothes say I'm gay?

Asked by killerkadoogen (421points) July 28th, 2011

I’m a 25 year old male. This spring I came to the realization that I am bisexual. Most of my early twenties I wore plain boring clothes, stuff like gym shorts and Haines tee shirts. What brands of clothes scream I am gay? I know everyone likes different stuff but general what brands and labeled as gay?

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I don’t believe I’ve ever been able to decipher an individuals sexuality by the clothes he/she wears, not that I have ever tried to.
Be yourself. Wear what you like. It’s far more attractive than trying to emulate a specific style.
If you’re open to meeting new guys, they’ll come along.

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I don’t know either. Do you want to stand out as being gay or not? I mean are you trying to highlight your sexuality or hide it?

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I don’t know if there are brands, but some people associate certain styles with homosexuality. It’s all a crap shoot, though, because there are plenty of people who wear those styles who aren’t gay, and plenty who don’t sport any particular style and are.

Are you trying to attract male attention? If so, maybe it’s more important to put yourself in situations where you know the odds are better (like a gay bar, maybe?).

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When it comes to appearance, I would think the manner in which you carry yourself, your body language etc. is more telling than the brand names you wear.

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Tighter, more form fitting clothes?

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Just start dressing nice. All of my gay friends have a fabulous sense of style. They mostly wear nice fitting designer jeans and nice button ups or casual tees. But I dunno if that really makes everyone think you’re gay. Actions speak louder than words.

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I don’t think there are any brands that scream “gay”.

If you do want to develop a better sense of style, like it seems that many gay men have, start reading fashion blogs or magazines. You might also want to check out stores in your city’s gay village (if it has one). The clerks can help you find a style that works for you.

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Maybe Mango?

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Maybe search gay fashion designers to get an idea of what clothing they make.

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There aren’t brands that scream gay. I worked in mens clothing for many years and worked with a lot of gay people, and gay people dress in every sort of way. But, if you want to be part of the stereotype (now mind you, the stereotype is there for a reason, many gay people do dress this was with these brands) I would say DKNY for men and Calvin Klein are high on the list. My husband is straight and I love when he wears those brands, so it is not that straight people don’t wear them too. It’s more a style, gay people tend to live and be more “out” in large cities so the big city style I think is perceived as gay. But, there is really no rule. My gaydar has more to do with what a person says and how they act, the gestures they use, and sometimes even how they look, their facial structure, hard to describe, but it is the total package of the person,

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WTF? You can tell someone’s gay by their clothes?

Ummmm…. leather assless chaps and a purple, glittery shirt?

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Women’s jeans?

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I’m just curious. Do you want to scream gay? Or, are people telling you you dress gay, and you don’t know why they say it?

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If it is the first of @JLeslie ‘s options than I have the perfect solution.
It suddenly came up and it is so simple: a plain white shirt with big black letters;

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Here in the area I live (midwest) it would be the dressing up of a jeans outfit that would scream this:
$150 jeans topped off with: an expensive belt, a mani & pedi, seriously well-coiffed hair, an earring or two, a necklace or bracelet, a trendy button down shirt and trendy shoes.

Now said guy could be straight in my area if he were European with an accent, but most likely here, he’d be gay.

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I don’t think there’s any particular brands of clothing that shout Hey, I’m gay!, but there are ways of wearing clothes that can get you tagged as being gay, even if you aren’t.

Some examples:

An izod shirt (especially a pink one) worn with a sweater around your shoulders, knotted at the neck. Like this

This type of Austing Powers style suit would probably say it.

Shoes worn with long pants, but no socks. Like this or This

Any kind of Italian Dress Sandals, especially if they’re worn with no socks.

Mesh Shirts

Daisy Duke Shorts, especially if they’re worn with work boots or hiking boots. Especially if the work boots are high heeled and lace up really high.

Capris pants on men (unless the man is from Germany, Holland or Denmark)

Dolphin shorts on men

Wearing an overly retro styled suit with super narrow legs (and huge pointy or squared off super shiny shoes) or wearing a suit that is slightly too small

Certain types of vests won in this manner especially if you are carrying a man bag that looks nothing like a napsack or backpack. Carrying your sack on the side of your shoulder, rather than over your back, looks decidedly more gay. More Gay Looking and this Also Kind of Gay Looking as opposed to this Not so Gay Looking

Some sweater vests like this one can look decidedly gay, where as others look only nerdy or grandfatherly or college professory.

Men wearing Bermuda shorts with long hosiery-style socks and saddle shoes looks pretty gay.

Long tailored pea coats (one that is slightly too small is best) especially if they’re worn with some type of fake animal fur coming up out of the neck area, or a very frilly scarf wrapped around the neck, and very tight pants (colored pants are better, or you will just look like an alternative rock kid)

Also the really flat pliimsole type of shoes will help, but they might hurt your feet.

One of these types of belts worn with about 6 inches of the end with the silver tip hanging down, rather than being tucked into the belt loop.

And back to shoes, Fancy Italian Loafers worn with suits, but no socks.

All of the fellows in this picture kind of fit in with a lot of the things that I’ve mentioned above. Plus they’re very cute : )

And of course if you are really looking for inspiration, turn to Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer on Glee. His style is fabulous! And he’s a marvelous singer too. Listen to Chris singing Some People from Gypsy.


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@Kardamom A pea coat is gay? I wonder what the Navy thinks about that LOL. I guess I will go along with the idea that the style is city, as I mentioned above, and so gay men might be likely to wear it, but it in no way speaks definitely gay to me.

The izod shirt and sweater doesn’t say gay to me either, just preppy.

Italian loafers? That one is surprising to me to.

Not arguing, just surprised by a few.

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@Kardamom My son’s host family in Germany took him clothes shopping when he visited last summer. He came home with a pair of capris. He looks really good in them, but of course his brother teases him that he looks gay when he wears them. lol

and before anyone (not you @Kardamom, but anyone who might be offended) gets their panties in a bunch because of my son’s teasing, my lesbian sister even teases our son about this. it’s all cool

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@JLeslie all of the things @Kardamom mentioned would be looked at here as gay or very metro/preppy

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@JLeslie LOL No, pea coats in general do not seem to suggest gayness but a lot of the gay fellows in my town (we have a pretty big gay population) tend to wear the much longer pea coats, rather than the hip length ones, and they tend to be more tailored, angling in at the waist and they seem to be a little bit too small. The alternative rock kids also wear them, but they tend to wear them with only black pants underneath, where as the gay fellows tend to wear those coats with brightly colored pants underneath them. Like bright yellow or red. The gay fellows also tend to wear those coats with fake fur or frilly scarves around the neck, where as the alternative rock kids might only wear a black knit scarf or a black felt scarf. Also the preppy look was only popular for straight men, in our town, back in the early 80’s. Now that look is pretty much only seen on men in the gay part of town. Imagine this guy in this coat, but with a bright purple poof of fake animal fur sprouting out at the neck and a very tight pair of yellow pants worn underneath.

@jonsblond I absolutely love capris pants on women, but on men they just tend to look more feminine. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. You will see capris on American men in our gay section of town, but otherwise, I’ve seen them mostly on foreign tourists (but generally from Germany, Denmark and Holland, as opposed to Japan, England or Russia). Just an observation from my area.

But like @JLeslie said, I guess it depends upon what part of the country you’re in.

I forgot to mention another one. Guys wearing Dexy’s Midnight Runners inspired clothes. Those kind of overalls with no shirts and one flap hanging down was very popular with straight new wave kids in the 80’s, but that look seems to have been taken over by the gay fellows around here. Go figure : )

I also mean no offense to anyone. I love me the gays! I’ve even got 2 back up husbands waiting on the sidelines.

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A t-shirt with a pink triangle or a rainbow on it?

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@SpatzieLover Yeah, I can see that in the midwest. I actually agree the clothing is metro, I just know so many straight people who would wear it, but I’m an east coast gal at heart. Here in Memphis it would be similar to Wisco I think? But, my husband dresses that way at times, and I don’t think anyone gives it a thought. Maybe they do? But, my husband is “foreign” LOL so he probably gets a pass.

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@JLeslie I bet your husband is a hottie. I’ve had a long track record of being attracted to the gay men. I’d be thrilled to find a straight man who dresses like the gays, without actually being gay. Lucky you!

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@Kardamom You can see him on my facebook. We are friends right?

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