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What is a good gaming laptop?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1510points) July 28th, 2011

I have never owned a Laptop before and now i want to replace my Desktop that i game with for a laptop that will run newer computer games. Only problem is i dont know where to start, how graphic cards on Laptops compare to PC ones etc. etc.

Any suggestions on what i should start with?

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Honestly, there is none.

You could get a top of the line laptop (for upwards of $1500), that would play brand new computer games at average settings.

As of yet though I don’t think there has ever been a new laptop that could play new games at high graphics levels.

Making matters worse, laptops are extremely limited in their upgrading abilities. Most can barely double their already relatively low RAM, and a lot are not even capable of supporting after-market graphics cards (and those that can aren’t very good).

If you want to play new games, you’re not going to find a laptop that will equate with a desktop.

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^ Yup.

Upgrade your desktop. Build it yourself (easy), and use the money you save to buy a tablet/small notebook PC.

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If gaming is your priority, I wouldn’t get a laptop. They overheat. I had to buy a cooling stand for my laptop for when I use SL and attend my science group meeting and do a bit of RPing in the Firefly SIMs. Laptops just aren’t designed to carry that sort of processing for extended periods of time.

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IF you have to buy a laptop for gaming, I highly recommend you look at Alienware laptops. They are extremely pricey, but are certainly some of the best gaming laptops on the market.

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The only laptops that are halfway decent at gaming create a lot of heat and suck batteries like you wouldn’t believe. Even then, you are looking at less performance from a $2,000 laptop than I get with my $500 desktop. To show you how the value compares, I also have a $500 laptop. On World of Tanks, my desktop manages 45–60 FPS with details set to Medium while my laptop gets 2–3 FPS at a lower resolution with details on Low.

However, that doesn’t keep me from wanting a Razer Switchblade when they come out :D

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The others are right – it’s much better to upgrade a desktop. Even the best gaming laptop will only be the best for a couple of years at best – it’s much easier to pop a new vid card or some more RAM in a desktop.

Like @Bill_Lumbergh said, though, Alienware is probably the best gaming brand out there. Dell carries them now.

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