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Creme Brûlée oatmeal. Who can hit me with a recipe?

Asked by redfeather (6507points) July 28th, 2011 from iPhone

I had some years ago at a hotel where my cousin worked and it’s no longer on the menu. It was heaven. Someone hook me up with the recipe. Please!

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I had never heard of anything like this before I read your question. Sounds yummy, though.

Here are some options:

Recipe One

Recipe Two

Recipe Three (this one looks the most like the dessert, itself, in the photo)

Recipe Four (this one sounds the most delicious to me, but also a bit more fattening)

Hopefully one of these sounds similar to what you had. : )

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@Kardamom I knew I could count on you ;)

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The second recipe is totally it. I couldn’t remember if it had bananas and it was a Marriott hotel. Thanks!

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The idea of crème brûlée oatmeal is blowing my mind. Now I must try it.

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Is this for breakfast or for dessert?

My favorite breakfast for years has been a mixture of plain instant oatmeal and a diet pudding that I make with bananas, sugar-free banana syrup, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It sounds very similar and is blissfully low-cal.

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@dappled_leaves do it. You haven’t lived till you’ve tried it.

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@Jeruba Whatever time of the day you can get it down – that’s the meal it is! I’m so gonna to try it… just happened to have bought more butane for my kitchen torch so I’m gonna torch the sugar atop when I make it and how that’ll turn out

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@Jeruba I remember saying I wish I could have jello for dinner and my mom said, “you’re an adult. Do it.”

That there creme brûlée oatmeal is DINNER

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I showed my mom the recipe and she said to make a bowl of it, put it in the front yard under a box propped up with a stick with a rope tied to it and snare me a man. Haha

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Foodgasm. I am following this thread, for the recipes. I could write them down, but, I’m lazy.

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@Jude I ate this when I was about 13. It was my first foodgasm. Haha

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I didn’t know anyone else made this beside me. I was trying to figure out how to get oatmeal into my kids and make it in such a way they’d like it. I didn’t follow a recipe. I just made custard and dumped in cooked oatmeal and mushed it all up. Then I cooked as if it were rice custard.

My husband thought I was completely nuts as I recall, and now I can prove to hm I’m not quite as crazy as he thought I was.

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