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Since they are both liquids, I don't see why one couldn't be substituted for another.

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yes, but the flavor will naturally be different. sounds like a good idea to me... let us know how it tastes!

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I'm pretty sure it happens all the time, and that rum pudding is actually somewhat common in parts of the country. and though I've usually heard it as "rum cake", the recipes are pretty similar from what I remember. i'll second the fact that of course it'll taste pretty different. :) use a good rum, and I'd use a darker one for cooking, because it'll be sweeter.

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Absolutely, although the higher sugar content of rum over bourbon may affect the chemical process of the baking, you may get a different rise or texture. My recommendation for a rum to use would be Stroh's rum, an Austrian rum. Sure, Austria doesn't come to mind when you're thinking rum, but this rum is ABSOLUTELY SCRUMMY DELICIOUS (it also makes a great rum and coke as long as you don't add lime). It has a much more "candy" taste that will immediately remind you of rum balls. A WORD OF CAUTION! Stroh's is 180 proof. Yup, that's 90% alcohol, twice as strong as most rums, stronger than Bacardi 151. BE CAREFUL, IT IS VERY FLAMMABLE. It is also entirely possible to get schnockered off of bakery goods containing Stroh's, so consume with moderation.

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Missa (the chef) says, "Yup, it's all about the flavor. It depends on how much you put in though. If you add too much, sometimes the eggs won't cook properly. But if it's an even exchange for a set recipe then you should be fine"

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I don't even keep bourbon in the house. As a result, I use rum all the time in bread pudding. In fact, since rum has such a wide range of flavors, it is even better.

Eatup Drinkup,

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yes try banana rum on it its awesome I had it in the cayman Islands

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yes, I think it would be better as well.

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yes, try a flavored rum…yummers.

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I think that rum would actually make it taste better than Bourbon.

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OK, I’m trying a bananna bread pudding and someone suggested I put rum in vanilla pudding…how much rum should I use? (Man, this is an OLD question!)

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