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Did you know the Russians are planning to crash the International Space Station into the Pacific?

Asked by filmfann (44532points) July 28th, 2011

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Now, I remember Mir, and SkyLab had to come down, but I really didn’t expect the ISS to be brought down so soon. I mean, they just finished building it!
How is it supposed to help us get to the Moon, or Mars, as was promised?
Did anyone here know this was gonna happen?

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No. Those crazy Russians!

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Isn’t that the most expensive object ever built? if I remember. I was not aware of this, this combined with the end of the NASA shuttles has actually pissed me off a fair bit.

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This has been a very expensive little hobby kit to just kick it to the curb.

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@filmfann Exactly. And there is another thread going strong on here where a jelly is pissed that we are spending government funds on libraries. Go figure.

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Sounds like plans are not in place beyond 2020. Sounds like someone is merely making noise to get the various space agencies to do some more advance planning.

And either they are playing it up as a DISASTER! to attract attention. Or inexperienced news person reads a simple statement and thinks ZOMG DISASTER!

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Gotta come down sometime. Shuttle is done. Might as well get it over with.

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Ah… Fox News.

I’ll bet my left nut this is a lie, it’s just Fox News pumping the old “space is a waste of time” thing.

Hold on…

Crap, it’s true. sigh.

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I know that the Americans are crashing the Hubble Space Telescope into the ocean soon… And I hear that some more stuff is going too…I belive it was one of the two space stations.

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Is the Hubble even more popular than the Shuttle? That’s my impression.

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@jaytkay Yes it is!

This is all very very demotivating, maybe space exploration is a waste of money if we are going to let people do things like this all the time.

They knew all allong, beforehand, that they would be going up against the unknown, they should have over engineered more, built for longer life spans, and easier adaptability. This is a massive amount of cash we are talking about, enough to feed and clothe every last poor child on earth many times over, how can it be happening? There are small shitty offices in the world where jerk bosses will jump on you for something a million times less important, why was this not all thought and planned for.

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@chyna Exactly! Screw people that want to read. Social security? Eff it.

Let’s create space garbage and send some of our “fun” space models into the ocean at the cost of billions! =)

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Perhaps instead of wondering why we’re throwing such expensive hobbies away…we should wonder why we have these expensive hobbies in the first place.

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For all those lamenting the dollars spent…

The air-conditioning bill for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is bigger than NASA’s budget

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Yes, not surprised really, easily falls under biggest epic facepalm failure category.

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@jaytkay Don’t worry, my love…I lament that as well.

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I heard of a proposal to make it an Earth-Mars transporter. It is already set up for long term manned operation. It just needs engine and fuel.

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