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Crysis 2-black screen from the start,only audio?

Asked by yoyoo29 (71points) July 29th, 2011

I have installed the Crysis 2 and when i double click on the icon it s start but the screen is black and i have only the audio.I have 1.9 patch.And i try to run it on my samsung laptop R538.How can i fix that?

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Computer and video card overmatched maybe?

Crysis 2 has some pretty hefty needs and laptops are generally not up to it.

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@funkdaddy ok,so what to do?

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I think my video card is enough good for this game

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There are 3 different R358 models, and 2 of them have an intel graphics chip. Only one has the ATI.
You can forget playing any modern games with the intel chips. Does your model have the ATI chip?

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As @ragingloli and @funkdaddy have said, your laptop likely can’t handle Crysis 2. Check if you have the ATI card, and if you do, try updating your drivers.

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@dverhey i have the ati card

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Update your graphic card drivers then. If you can find beta drivers on the ati site, use those.
If it still does not work, sometimes the my firewall blocks a game and shows a prompt where you decide if to allow the game’s activity. However you can not see the prompt when the game is in full screen mode. In that case, press alt+tab to switch to desktop to see if there is any pop up from your AV.
It could also be that the game is running in a resolution that is not supported by your screen, in that case you can download a crysis 2 configurator here and disable full screen mode under the “misc” tab.

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