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Is the budget and debt ceiling negotiation better off with women talking instead of men?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25672points) July 29th, 2011

Just heard on the radio an analyst who is following and analyzing the nature and process of the debt ceiling talks through the prism of male behaviour. He said when men gather in a room, they tend to be naturally agressive and uncompromising. If it were women, there will be less competition, more pragmatic discussion and the environment would be more relaxed. In short, no hair pulling or pillow fights. Think he is right?

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We don’t have much anecdotal evidence to support the hypothesis, given the stands taken by Palin and Bachman. Sadly, the current extremely polarized and highly self-righteous stands that many are taking don’t speak well for either sex. Cat fight!

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Well, there are women in Congress, you know.

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@bob_ Yes, but they are still swimming in a sea of testosterone. This analyst was referring mostly to the talks inside the White House with the President and Mr. Boehner and others. All men.

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Wouldn’t make a difference. They all seek the best strategy for getting the most for their constituents, male or female. Negotiations always come down to the last second, and sometimes they go longer, depending on how intractable the sides are and depending on how serious they think the consequences of failure to make an agreement are.

I doubt an agreement will be made. There is still time before the government goes into default on some bonds. I think the negotiations will go on until there is absolutely no wiggle room left. Normally, I think things would have been agreed on by now, but times are too tough and the parties are too extreme for people to agree until the consequences of not agreeing are too devastating.

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I really don’t think the differences are so much a result of “swimming in a sea of testosterone” as it is the result of very fundamental differences in opinion over the size and scope of government and the importance of taking concrete action to keep the debt from rising indefinitely to the point of total insolvency.

I find it ironic that Obama has used the metaphor of not wanting to “kick the can down the road” yet seems resistant to any plan that ties the debt ceiling to concrete action plans to reduce spending.

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Given the women in Congress, it seems gender isn’t a saving grace. We just need people who aren’t quite so stupid and evil.

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What’s between your legs has nothing to do with your ability to work out a deal. So, no.

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