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What is your favourite "educational" computer game?

Asked by Schroedes13 (3876points) July 29th, 2011

If you can remember back to elementary school, what were the games you used to play on the computers?

For me it was Cross Country Canada or Tank Wars. Transporting random commodities across the major cities in Canada and shooting different types of ordnance at enemy tanks were amazing!!

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Lego Chess

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We didn’t have the opportunity to use computer in elementary school, not because our school was poor but because computers weren’t that common that time, also a bit exclusive for school purposes. I remembered that I used to play some puzzle games, though.

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The totality of my computer experience in elementary school was the original Apple Macintosh. We got to turn it on and, “ooo and awe” over the green blinking cursor and then turn it off again as there wasn’t any software.

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Mine is just a couple years after @tranquilsea‘s apparently. We got to turn it on, wait for the Apple 2e to warm up, then we each got 10mins or less playing Lemonade Stand

Usually something went wrong while I was playing it, and my 10mins was shortened to 5mins or less :/

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Oregon Trail!

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Gizmos and Gadgets!

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Mine Sweeper!

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The only games I remember playing at school were Mancala and Oregon Trail. I think I learned a lot more on Oregon Trail, but I loved figuring out the strategy of Mancala. My absolute favorite game was JumpStart 6th Grade. I also really liked Mavis Beacon. The version that we had would let you type segments of a really long story, and I loved that. I essentially got to read a book and practice typing all at the same time.

@SpatzieLover I loved lemonade stand! I used to play that on my parents’ computer whenever I could convince my sister to start it up for me. I don’t know why she never just taught me to get to the program myself since she hated doing it for me.

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I fuckin loved Number Muncher.

Here’s a story about that…I played it at school all the time, and when you die, you get to write your name for the score you got. Well, being an idiot, I got a whole buncha high scores, and wrote in stupid names, like Motherfucker, ShitStain and other immature stuff like that.
The teacher got angry, understandably, and told me that if I couldn’t beat all the scores and enter something acceptable, I’d have to pay fifty bucks for the floppy disk.
Well, I managed to beat all the highest scores I had previously, and wrote in normal entries until all the oldest potty mouth entries disappeared.
She really didn’t think I could do it. ^^

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We played Math Blaster. That was a fun game.
@KatetheGreat in social studies this year, my awesome teacher spent half the class time playing it with it up on the Promethean board so we could choose the things to do. It was fun. Nobody died though. I was kind of hoping someone would.

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There were a couple we were allowed to play in class as a reward. I liked The Incredible Machine and Smart Games.

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Oregon Trail! We played it on the Mac in summer school when I was a girl.

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Oregn Trail was the shit!!! I get how it was supposed to be educational, but it was more fun than anything I thought. I never made it though. I always died of cholera or something, or I lost my oxen. Boo!

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I have Oregon Trail for my iTouch and it’s awesome. I love to play it.

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When I was in elementary school there were no educational games [for pc] because pc were rare and school didn’t had them. Even though I do not enjoy fps games I have to say when Doom appeared it was a test for our reflexes. And I believe everyone played it at least a few times.

But for real educational games we used to play card games. I still remember some bridge games. May not seem fun or educational but we developed a taste for some of these games.

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