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Did you ever work on your laugh when you were growing up to try to change it?

Asked by tranquilsea (17650points) July 29th, 2011

I did. There were some laughs that just annoyed me and I wanted to be sure that I stayed away from laughing like that. Actually, this ended up being a group project that me and my sisters worked on.

What about you? Did you work on yours or did your laugh just happen organically?

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Yes. I was always told I laughed too much and too loud. As an adult, if I think I sound like my mother when laughing then I trip myself up, I hate that.

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Yeah, I had (and still do sometimes) the little teen high pitched laugh, but it’s deeper and more adult sounding, like someone’s dad lol.

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Yeah, not really.

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I hate my laugh… I always think I’ll work on it the next time I crack up but forget each time. I hate itttt.

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I never did. I got teased for my laugh all the time, but I figured it was my laugh and I shouldn’t pretend that it was something different. It’s interesting, as much as I got teased for sounding like a donkey or some such, I also tended to have a more contagious laugh than my more reserved friends. I tend to think of laughter as a free expression of joy that should not be repressed or shoved into someone else’s idea of what a laugh should sound like.

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ummm.. nope. But mine is more of a Mwahahahaahhaha.

Seriously, I had never thought of it. I guess my laugh and my voice is fine as I never got anything but positive feedback on it.

It reminds me of this Question from 2 months ago about peoples voices , maybe we should all record laughs with this tool.

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No, the idea never occurred to me. I don’t think I could have changed my laugh even if I tried. It is too spontaneous. My energies were concentrated on learning how to whistle.

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No. And my laugh can sound like Muttley link

To very loud and raucous.

@flutherother .. how is that going? I can whistle but not hold a tune well.

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As a teenager I tried to train my voice to sound more mature, adult and sexier. I didn’t want to be a grown woman sounding like Victoria Jackson or Georgette or someone like that, since it was already bad enough that I was short.

It’s naturally way lower now.

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@Bellatrix I do it unconsciously now and sometimes get into trouble for it at work. I can produce a recognisable tune.

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I made a few half-hearted attempts, but I don’t think it helps much. I’ve just learned to deal with the fact that I have an obnoxiously loud laugh and sometimes I snort. I never really find myself thinking that someone else has a particularly annoying laugh unless it sounds really fake.

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