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Do you consider yourself a movie buff or a casual moviegoer?

Asked by rockfan (7262points) July 29th, 2011

I consider myself a movie buff, but I’m not the type who collects hundreds of movies and keeps them in their basement, lol. I’m really into move criticism and the technical aspects of filmmaking. I also love movies from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. What about you?

Also, what are the top ten best movies you’ve ever seen? Here are mine:

Raging Bull
The Third Man
Rear Window
The French Connection
Pan’s Labyrinth
Spirited Away
Let the Right One In

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Definitely a casual moviegoer. Some of my favorites are the Kill Bill Movies, the Matrix movies, the Harry Potter movies, the 5th element, many independent movies, etc.

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Definetly a movie buff becasue no matter what, I never turn down a trip to the movies.

My top ten would probably be:
The Harry Potter movies
The Nightmare before Christmas
Daddy Day Care
Last Holiday
All the Scary Movies (1 , 2, 3, 4)

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It’s really hard to say. I watch a lot of movies, but I wouldn’t consider myself a “buff”. I would consider myself as a movie elitist since I have a certain taste and I won’t touch most American films (even the “classics” such as Casablanca). I prefer European and Asian films.
My all time favorite is The Seventh Seal.

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I swear that I have adult ADD. If I know that the movie will be a good one (a really good one), I can sit through it. Otherwise, I get distracted and go off and do something else.

Favorite movie of all time:

The Green Mile

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@Michael Huntington First time I’ve heard anyone admit that they’re a movie snob, lol.

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gone with the wind
charlie wilson’s war
black hawk down
tears of the sun
transformers 3 the dark of the moon
shutter island
phantom of the opera
the dark night
lion king 1 and 2
and lastly somethings gotta give

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I’m more of a horror movie buff. And I am the kind who collects millions of them and keeps them all in my basement. Except I don’t live in my basement, so they’re all in my living room.
I do have a great interest in technical issues, such as film making, the history of a movie and all, although it doesn’t extend much beyond the bonus material added to a movie. However I do make quite a few online searches on most movies I watch, for all sorts of information. I barely go see movies at the theater, because I need that money to pay my rent lol.

I don’t just watch horror though, and my top ten lists has some that aren’t in that genre.

Halloween II (original)
Sleepy Hollow
Night of the Living Dead (both original and remake)
Dawn of the Dead (original)
Devil’s Rejects
Corpse Bride
Conan the Barbarian

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@Symbeline Cudos on the Corpse Bride!

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@Symbeline if you like horror movies you should watch the last exorcism, the devil and the exorcism of Emily rose.

they will put the fear of god in you !!

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I use Netflix in place of renting, watching television or going to the theaters. When I had more time, I used to watch 2–3 movies a night, but I still manage to fit quite a few in per week. I love watching movies and I really enjoy the entire filmmaking process, as well. When I lived in Los Angeles, I worked in the film industry for about four years.

A few of my favorites:

Requiem for a Dream
American History X
The Machinist
City of God
Mulholland Dr.
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Best in Show

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I think I fall somewhere between buff and fan. My favorite thing is finding a movie that genuinely makes me laugh and I’ll go back to those again and again.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
SLC Punk
Clerks (I and II)
Interstate 60
any Christopher Guest film
Strictly Ballroom
Raising Arizona

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Cool Hand Luke
Catch 22
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
Apocolypse Now
Full metal jacket
7 Ups
Sand Pebbles
Midnight Express

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I don’t know that I’d go with buff, so much as geek. I’m geeky. In general. I’m that person who goes “Wait, there’s new commentary on the DVD?? I must see this!”. There are many, many movies I’ve seen more than once. In fact, if I haven’t seen a movie more than once, it’s probably because I didn’t really like it that much.

Top Ten:
Star Wars 4–6
Star Trek: Wrath of Khan
Duck Soup
Wizard of Oz
Inglorious Bastards
Old School
Plan 9 From Outer Space (though, obviously, that’s more of a “so bad it’s the best movie experience ever”)

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I guess I would say that I’m a casual movie fan, although I really love watching movies. But I don’t know a bunch of facts about the directors or the producers or the year in which the movie was made. And I don’t collect movies on DVD except for ones that have Alan Rickman in them, but that is an entirely different subject altogether, ahem.

I too really enjoy the behind the scenes stuff. I just watched a bunch of random scenes from Harry Potter on Youtube in which the actors were reacting to a green screen, or no one, over and over and over again. It was really interesting. There was one scene in which Alan Rickman and Maggie Smith were going through the motions of a wand batte, but there was almost dead silence except for the squeaking of their shoes on the floor. There was no streaks of electricity coming out of their wands, no dramatic music and no spectacular backgrounds. They did take after take, because the cameras had to shoot them from multiple angles. It was almost more fasinating to me than the completed movie. I got to be an extra on a movie set one time and it was really interesting (although there were long boring periods in which we were literally sitting there, or laying on the floor, doing nothing).

So here’s my top 10 list:

Head (The Monkees feature length movie, written and produced by Jack Nicholson and Bob Rafelson) Pschedelia at it’s best!

Sense and Sensibility (Snape as a sexy blonde)

Gandhi (Ben Kingsley at his finest. This movie actually changed my life)

Young Frankenstein (The most consistently funny movie of all time, with some of the best quotable quotes. Gene Wilder looking very sexy)

A Hard Day’s Night (The best music video ever, and one of the first. The Beatles look so young and gorgeous in this movie. The music is fantastic)

The Sound of Music (Everything about this movie is perfect, from the casting, to the story, to the scrumptious romance between Maria and Cpt. Von Trapp, to the music and the scenery)

Shawshank Redemption (Crazy good casting or Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins and Bob Gunton as the prison warden)

Peter Pan (The best colors and visuals, set in London which appeals to me personally, and I loved the litle romance between Wendy and Peter)

The Jungle Book (One of the funniest Disney movies ever, with probably the best collection of songs)

Star Wars Episode IV (This was the first one. I saw it 15 times over a 3 week period, sometimes twice on the same day, the summer it came out. Another, almost perfect movie)

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I couldn’t help but make a secondary list, after I sat here and thought about it for awhile. Sorry, I don’t mean to cheat. Maybe I’m more of a buff than I thought I was.

The Nightmare Before Xmas (Nostalgic stop motion animation with marveloous songs and so many hideous, funny, fantastic looking creatures and people. And more delicious romance)

Toy Story 1–3 (With 3 being the funniest of them all)

Snow White (Beautiful animation and great songs)

Something’s Gotta Give (Really juicy comedy/romance between older people)

It’s Complicated (A complicated relationship between exes, their new loves, the children, with really funny situations and scenes. Excellent casting with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin)

Lost In Translation (Wow, never thought love could be so sweet and so subtle and so bittersweet. Excellent, although very surprising cast, with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson)

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Paul Newman and Robert Redford in their prime. Bittersweet western with a love triangle and a fantastic musical score, bits of understated comedy)

The Little Princess (My favorite Shirley Temple movie of all time. It was simply magical)

Fantasia (The ice fairies scene alone, makes this movie one of the masterpieces of animation. Also loved the dancing mushrooms)

Island of the Blue Dolphins (A great adaptation of the book by the same name)

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I like to consider myself as something of a movie buff, yeah.

My top ten, in no particular order, are:
My Cousin Vinny
Inglourious Basterds
The Prestige
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
The Princess Bride
Spirited Away
The Departed
The Social Network
Garden State
The Outlaw Josey Wales

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I’m a casual cinema goer and I would like to watch all of these films again:-

A Serious Man
Blade Runner
Howl’s Moving Castle
Local Hero
The Shining
The Ring
Pan’s Labyrinth
Pulp Fiction
2001: A Space Odyssey

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I’m a movie “snob”. I only like very specific ones, and tend to research quite in depth what I’m going to watch. However, that does not mean I only watch oscar winners or anything like that, some of my top 10 will seem ridiculous.

Fight Club
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Dusk Till Dawn
Sin City
Ghost Busters
The Lawn Mower Man
Youve Got Mail

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I’m not a movie buff because I honestly haven’t seen that many movies nor have I seen many of the “greatest ever”. However, I do love movies and don’t just watch what’s popular or wait to be invited to the theater to see a movie (like some of my friends). And there are some movies which I have been so fascinated by (Mulholland Drive) that I read entire essays on it.

My top movies of what I have seen (not in order):

Mulholland Drive
Donnie Darko
The Prestige
American Beauty
The Lord of the Rings (I, II, and III)

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I watched a lot of movies but I cannot make a top. Every movie is different and they cannot be compared. You cannot compare a drama with a thriller while a comedy can’t be compared to a sci fi movie.

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I watch a lot of films. I wouldn’t call myself a movie buff though. I don’t tend to get into analysing the cinematography or mise-en-scene etc. I am more likely to critique the characterisation and narrative.

Top ten… I have to say with the exception of a few of his choices, I could quite happily sit down with @Cruiser and watch his list. I will take some out though and add some of my own. I haven’t seen Up. Must change that.

Silence of the Lambs
Cool Hand Luke
Schindler’s List
Lord of the Rings (the Trilogy)
Animal Kingdom
Last of the Mohicans
Apocolypse Now
Full metal jacket
Midnight Express

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I watch movies because they are emotionally moving or hysterically funny. I don’t really judge them based on their depth or their critical acclaim, but by my potential enjoyment of the movie.

Very, very casual filmgoer. I rarely go to the theater to see a movie, except when dragged along by well meaning friends.

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Yes, I am a serious movie buff, but I am guessing you already knew that.

Citizen Kane
City Lights
The Best Years Of Our Lives
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Apocalypse Now
2001: A Space Odyessy
Lawrence Of Arabia
Blade Runner


I rarely watch today’s popular movies, like the ones that just came out. I usually don’t have the time or the interest.

I like old movies from the 1940s to early 1960s. I have a good collection of the Criterion Collection, and I’m a fan of the director Yasujiro Ozu. My favs are “Tokyo Story” (1951) and “Late Spring” (1949). I also like “La Notte” (1961) and other movies of the dark avante garde genre.

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I cannot believe that I forgot to put down The Graduate or Willy Wonka (the one with Gene Wilder) or 39 Steps, or Dracula (the one with Frank Langella)!

I also really enjoyed Psycho, but mostly because I had a little crush on Anthony Perkins.

I also loved the Austin Powers series, but especially the 2nd one with Beyonce

@MRSHINYSHOES I also enjoyed The Scent of Green Papaya and Spring Summer Fall Winter and Shall We Dance? Did you like those?

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Rather casual. I rarely go to the actual theatre ($14 for one movie, and they make you sit through car commercials!) and I get all of the movies I watch at home from the library. I tend to like foreign movies (French, Spanish, and I’ve seen a few Russian, Thai, and others that I liked as well), some musicals, older movies, ‘indie films’ (I do hate to use that term…), Jim Jarmusch movies, and anything with Gael Garcia Bernal or Alan Rickman.
I judge movies by their cover and never by the description; I do not even read the synopsis more often than not.

Ten movies I really like:
Motorcycle Diaries
The Science of Sleep
Dracula (1931)
Paris Je T’aime
Truly Madly Deeply
Annie Hall
Harold and Maude
Some Like it Hot
Midnight in Paris
Down by Law

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I go to the cinema with the kids fairly frequently, can’t remember the last time I went to see an “adult” movie.
I guess that qualifies me as a casual moviegoer then.

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Oh, I forgot to put down The Emerald Forest!


@Kardamom Yes, I saw “The Scent of Green Papaya” not too long ago. I liked it very much. The little girl in the movie reminded me of my little 5 year-old daughter.

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@Bellatrix Nice additions to the list especially Glory and Schindlers List! I would add the Pianist to that and pop extra popcorn! Do see UP! You will be glad you did!

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I can’t say I’m a buff because I have a terrible memory. I’m much more than a casual fan though.

Top ten:

Young Frankenstein
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Legends Of The Fall
Best In Show
American Movie
Apollo 13

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