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In iTunes, is there a surefire way to get tracks grouped together under one album in album view?

Asked by kevbo (25621points) May 1st, 2008 from iPhone

Too many of my albums are spread across multiple entries in album view and Coverflow (e.g. 3 tracks for album A, followed by 4 tracks for album A, etc.) I’ve tried editing info for multiple tracks, marking as compilation albums, etc, but nothing seems to work. Help me Obi Wan!

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You have to select everything you want to edit and then right click and select get info(might be different on a PC) what you do is check ALL the boxes and enter anything you want to edit, this should make it like one album straight from a CD

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I’ve run into this before.

Step 1: Select all album tracks and ensure they’re all the same for artist, album artist, year, disc number, and genre. I clear out composer, grouping, and comments. Also make sure Compilation is correct.

Step 2: if step 1 fails, again select all and rename the album by adding an extra character to the end of the album name. Say OK, then come back in and rename it back.

I recently posted an “iTunes Best Practices” with some other tips at my blog

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p.s. Compilations only apply to “Various Artists” albums.

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