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What regrets do you have, if any?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) July 29th, 2011

I know people who have a lot of regrets and dwell in the past. They think about what should have been done or said differently in order to prevent them.

I know others who do not bother with regrets. They consider life to be to short and focus on making the best of the situations they face or just move on.

Then there’s the last category. Regrets, night sweats and occasional thoughts of suicide. Some people suffer from regrets. It leads to night sweats and occasionally thoughts of suicide because they no longer place value on their life. I feel uncomfortable around such people. I can’t really explain why.

What about you? What regrets do yo have?

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These kind of questions make me want to cry.

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I used to have, but am past caring now. Everything is going well for me, and things I used to regret don’t seem like a big deal anymore.

Some regrets I used to have, from oldest to newest:

- Saying no when a girl at school that I liked asked me if I wanted to sit next to her on the bus when we went on excursion the next day. I used to like sitting alone, so my natural response was no, I kicked my self as soon as I said it, and for a couple of years to come.

- Quitting my training and starting to smoke weed and chase girls. At least now I’m training again and quit smoking.

- Mixing with the wrong people, causing the police to chase me for a few years.

- Not saying what I should have when I had the chance. More chances to come, no biggie.

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Nope, but I am only 15 so I’ve (hopefully) got lots more time on this Earth, preferably without regret. I can see why being around people like that makes you uncomfortable @Hibernate.

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I have done a lot of stupid things… partly they are influenced by my personality, I’m too shy to show emotion or express myself clearly sometimes…

My major regret and something I have learnt from the past is ‘temper’ – I used to have bad temper and passed it on to ex boyfriends. Now I purposely control my temper and really try to calm down, but sometimes I fail…

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I have my regrets, but I don’t think about them. I don’t think dwelling on these things is healthy.

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@athenasgriffin I agree…but sometimes, in the middle of the night, they sneak up on you….and it hurts.

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@Dutchess_III It is funny how these things only happen in the night, when you’ve turned off the lights and all you want to do is sleep. (And by funny, I mean terrible.) Sometimes they even follow you into your sleep in the form of awful dreams whose only purpose is to haunt you.

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This seems appropriate for the moment.

I wish I had more kids, though what we had took all we had, and I have no idea how we could have done more.

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I have many regrets. It haunts me daily. I try to let it go because it is in fact the past, but I know that many things I did in the past were wrong. I know now and I knew then, but I did what I did anyway.

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Dropping out of high school, which I did have a good reason, and I did get my GED and all my scores where above average.

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I regret that I didn’t decide sooner to cut myself some slack.

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Most the things I could regret, I don’t because I think about the good things I got as a result of those bad decisions. I am not happy I moved to Minnesota, but even with that move, many good things came out of it.
The only regret I really have that is that I stopped taking care of myself. That is now being remedied!

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I’ve done some crazy shit in my life. Parties, drugs, alcohol, tons of stuff, and I don’t regret a minute of it. The only regret I have in this life is leaving a girl I was in love with for another girl (she was horrible). It took a while, but I realized my mistakes, and fought to get her back. Even though she was with another guy when I apologized to her and just planned to be friends, she took me back. Now we have been happy together ever since.

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No regrets, I’m a very live in the now type. It is what it is, be here now. :-)
Not that I have not had the usual life menu of deaths, divorce, money stress, losses, but…I move on quickly.
Adapt or die and dwelling on the past takes you out of the only real time there is, right now.

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@Coloma you are so right about “it is what it is, be here now”, but the past often greatly affects the NOW and no matter how much you want to throw it off you and continue with the NOW part, it simply won’t let you.

How can we possibly ignore our mistakes and regrets and move on when it is those things that are keeping us from moving on?

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You just have to accept that you cannot change the past and look for the lessons and growth from your experiences. There is no “it” there is only the stories your mind clings to.

Change what you can and surrender the rest.

That’s all anyone can do. ;-)

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I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.

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I regret not wearing my retainer! I could have great teeth now!

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All of mine revolve around my kids, in one way or another.

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I regeret that when I was yonger I would always lie in the most terriblest way . One thing was that I said “My baby cosuin died and my oldest cousin had cancer .” I’ve been living in this guilt for a few years now .

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I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. I have pulled off a few doozies I’d be up for a do-over on.

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Amor fati.

I have worked hard to have no regrets. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do, and I still have moments where it is hard to banish certain thoughts from my head. For the most part, however, I am winning that particular existential battle.

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I regret that thinking when I was younger, that something happened that I would never be able to recover from….having a baby at 19, and unmarried, for example. I could have handled it after all. But I didn’t know that then. I was sure my life would be over, my parents would hate me, I’d be outcast…none of that was true.

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Regrets. I hate them. And yes they sneak up on you late at night. worst part… you play that scene in your head over and over and over again. No matter how much you try to forget, or how much you;ve changed….its no lie when someone tells you that the past has a funny way of sneaking up on you.

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I wish I had taken school more seriously. Maybe my grades would have been better and I would have graduated from High School sooner than I did. I also wish I had started working part-time jobs when I was still a teenager.

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My mom wasn’t nice to me when I was a kid and teenager. I regret that I didn’t turn the other cheek with her. I also regret that I didn’t help more with chores. I regret my wild years as a teenager.

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I wish i had left my ex-husband of 27yrs. earlier in my life. I thought keeping the parents together was what was best for my kids. Turned out not to be the case.

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In the immortal words of Willie Nelson, “There’s nothing I can do about it now”.

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“A lot of old doctors tell me, I need to start slowing it down. But there’s more old dunks than there are old doctors, so I guess I better have another round”.

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