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If you could ask all of your neighbors one question, what would you ask?

Asked by Blueroses (18191points) July 30th, 2011

I borrowed this question from Candy Chang‘s facebook post because I wanted to see what my Fluther neighbors would say.

It doesn’t have to be anything deeply profound, just anything that would help you open dialog with your neighbors (if you don’t have that already).

An example might be: Can we agree not to mow our lawns until after 8 am on Saturdays?

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Are you guys ever gonna tell my parents about the time they went on vacation and that guy spent the night? You all saw him get in his car. I was mortified you’d tell. But you haven’t so far. Please don’t. I’ll bake you a cake.

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Does anyone else wonder if the house across the street is cursed? And does anyone know what happened to the last family that lived in it and suddenly disappeared? I miss their little girl’s charming personality.

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What are your priorities? Are somethings more important than pretending to have wealth? I have many questions but I would not waste my time on most of them.
They will learn when Karma shows them what really matters.
I am grateful for the few that have a clue. This is life.

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Where you guys at?

I dont have neighbors :)

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Why is your TV always so loud?

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Does my wife’s orgasmic groans of delight put you off your tea & crumpets?
Because if it does I could always ask the filly to turn it down a notch or two….tally ho!

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“Is there any interest in developing our own community vegetables and hebs garden, so we can have our own seasonal stuff to eat ├índ get a closer bond in the meantime?”

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Why do you keep buying more dogs? I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned on you someday. You have a huge pack. And they live inside.

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Would you mind turning your sprinkler so it doesn’t hit my open bedroom window?

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Do you always cook in your leopard print “love outfit”? XD

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Why do you water your driveway? I’m pretty sure it’s not going to grow…
Really, my neighbor sits in a lawn chair in the middle of her driveway and waters it. Not the surrounding lawn, not the flower beds beside the house, the driveway. Only the driveway.

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That barbecue smells great. Want to share?

Actually, I’m pretty close with the neighbors. They’re such a cute case of opposites attract, because the wife is like a cheery ray of sunshine and the husband is a grumpy, sarcastic curmudgeon with a heart of gold. They help my aunt with projects around the house and I bake them cookies sometimes.

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Can we all get together and get the asshole who’s turned his entire trunk into a sound system that he plays at all hours of the day and night, literally rattling windows and picture frames, to get the hell out of the neighborhood?

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* Would you like to gather once every 3 mos. for a cul de sac BBQ and meet & greet of new move-ins so we could all know each other by sight rather than by car/truck?

* Would you be okay with scheduled driveway yard sales instead of random ones to keep our street more secure and safe for the kids who play in them. We live on a cul de sac where kids gather to play which is great but not when a bunch a cars come cruising around looking for junk.

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Did you know your son has around 3 girlfriends? That’s why your house keeps getting TP-ed. They keep finding out about each other.

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When are you next planning a party?

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What are your names? We know that guy on one side of us is Joe. The couple next door came over not long after they moved in and introduced themselves. We’re not especially “neighborly” people so we never had a reason (in our book) to go see them. I think her name might be Joan, but who knows…

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Did you dig up my cat, if you did, why?

Dutchess_III's avatar

What the hell is wrong with you???

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Why do you sleep on the balcony? Why do you spy on us?

Right now, my mother and I are the only people in the whole building. And there are some weird things going on.

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Like what @disenchanted_poisongirl? STORY TIME! Gather ‘round!

disenchanted_poisongirl's avatar

@Dutchess_III Haha ha, story time? Okay then. This morning, I heard some noises. Like someone was in the building, but I know that there’s no one else here. It could be a cat or something. Or..maybe.. oh no. Not again.

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Would you like to know how to plant a garden like mine? Cuz when the food stops coming to the market, I’m not sharing.

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Could you please stop being so creepy, and letting off that “I’m gonna come in and rape you, then slaughter you, and feed your body to my cat” vibe? Seriously, grandma. You’re freaking me out.

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Who’s living in my attic and making noises in the early hours of the morning? Have you had babies up there too? When can I get up there and close it off when you and your kids AREN’T there?

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@snowberry Sure it’s not racoons?

snowberry's avatar

@incendiary_dan yep, pretty sure, even found what looks like racoon scat in the driveway

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Dear new neighbours, I know you are enjoying renovating your new house but can you please leave off the power tools at 8am on a Sunday morning?

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Why do you always play snooker at 1 in the morning on a weekday?

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I’d ask what do they want to see as a change in me.

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How about we all get together for a barbecue in the local park and get to know each other better?

Everyone is always so busy and I miss not having a strong community network. I think that is one of the downsides to 21st century living.

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Yall cannibals or…the fuck’s your problem anyway?

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@Bellatrix Yeah, picnic…but leave your freakin’ dogs home. How is it that they can come up onto our property, attack our dogs and my husband for no reason, with NO provocation….and it’s our fault? WHAT IS YOUR FREAKING PROBLEM AND THE PICNIC IS OFF!!! I don’t like you AT ALL Sam I am. Morons.

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Blinks @Dutchess_III uurm my doggy won’t bite you much!! I know I am missing something here :D What the hell woman!! Who is Sam I Am and what did their dog do?

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Sam I Am is a Dr. Seuss character! Yeah…long story but our neighbor’s dogs showed up at our back deck while Rick and I were just chillin with our dogs. Dutchess went down to greet them…and they attacked. My sweet Dakota and my husband kicked their asses in the end, though. That was crazy.
Two weeks later it happened again. We called the cops that time. The dude across the street who owned the dogs stood there glaring at us as we were talking to the officer. The officer told us later that the guy said our dogs were just running around loose in our front yard. Big fat redneck liar. All they got was a dog-at-large ticket. One, even though there were two dogs.

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Why do you play cheesy pop music extremely loudly at 6 in the morning?

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Do you realize I can hear you screaming those God-awful things at your children-wife-husband?

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Why don’t you just get your cats fixed? Why do you even have animals since you never ever take care of them?

half of my animals were either theirs or are direct relatives of theirs because they let their dogs wander the neighborhood for weeks at a time and then just stick them back in the yard until they get out again the next day, and their cats have kittens at least every year, which they just leave outside

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Dude, why do I keep finding skeletal remains every time I do my laundry?

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@martianspringtime I really wish there were some sort of test or license required to get an animal…

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As his owner, have you trained your grouchy old man dog to poop in our back yard? And why have you allowed the neighbors to train him to bark at their back doors and they reward him with dog biscuits?

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