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Where would America be if 9/11 hadn't happened?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) July 30th, 2011 from iPhone

Where would we be politically, economically, etc?

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That is a speculation without an answer. “What if’s” serve no purpose.

Where would we be if the earth were flat?

What if I were born male?

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I’m looking for speculation. Just to see how people think things would be different as a whole.

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I think not much differance, however they would probably not be as much resentment for muslums.

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Less paranoia at airports and in the military (after 9/11, new watches were added, so that’s why I had to stand out in the sun, rain, and snow and watch for terrorists), and less intolerance of islam.

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We would have not invaded Afghanistan. We would have still invaded Iraq.

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They wouldn’t be having as much a debt problem as they are having now. Much less money spent chasing ghosts. I doubt GW would have gotten a second term. Travelling would be much less of a hassle. There would be much less anti-muslim sentiment and Fox News would have to had come up with 90% new material from something else.

I probably wouldn’t have married my husband and my son wouldn’t have been born. We ended up together because he was stuck, not being able to fly (his ticket was for 9/12) and because of that extra week together, and because how it made us re-think our lives, we decided to be together. My whole life in Norway would have never happened.

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@cazzie @johnpowell @Roby Yeah, you’re right, because without 9.11 we would not have seen Moslems around the world celebrating 3000+ innocent Americans being murdered.

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Chrisoinslol need to learn how to spell Muslims.

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Basically in the same spot, but five inches over to the left.

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Had 9/11 not happened:

• Halliburton, and Blackwater would not have rooked America of 100s of millions to billions paid by hard working citizens who actually worked, they would be off fighting some private war in Africa.
• GW would have stiff been a buffoon but more over Katrina and not the other blunders.
• Many Muslims that despised us but hardly put for the effort to show it.
• 4,000 some odd soldiers would still be here living their lives.
• 100s of thousands of Middle eastern Citizens would have still been alive at home living their lives; my friend Anda would be still living in Iraq instead of a refugee in Germany.
• The US would not have to raise the debt ceiling, they could have use all that money they flushed down the drain here at home.
• Fox news and the rest of them pencil heads would not have made money with anti-Muslim rhetoric.
• Daniel Berg would still have his head, literally.
• You would not have to go through the ”see all” X-ray at air port.

There would have been a lot of things that would have been different, and for many, better.

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All of “what could have been” are just speculations. Nobody could foresee the economical crash from a few years ago like nobody can say what something could be now.

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@Hibernate Actually, I called that crash, as did several people. Can’t say I called the cause, though.

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We are not far from another crash. Great Depression part 2 can follow up easy if we do not pay enough attention.

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@Hibernate, like @incendiary_dan, I called that one too though I couldn’t have predicted the scale of it because of the mortgage backed securities. But lenders were doing two things that I could have told you weren’t going to end well. 1) they were putting together mortgages that allowed people to buy more house than they could afford. And what happens when people buy a house they can’t afford? Eventually, they won’t be able to afford it and won’t be able to pay for it. Duh! and 2) they were putting together mortgages for, lending money to, people who could provide no history or evidence that they would be able or willing to pay them back or, even people with a history of not paying money back. And what happens when you loan money to people who can’t or won’t pay their debts? They don’t pay their debts! Duh!

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The Tea Party would have been a movement of the 16th century.

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