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Is it true in your case that the things you most feared, expected the worst for or were terrified over, never actually happened or occured less dramatically than you thought they would turn out?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20166points) July 30th, 2011

Have you spend days or even years worrying yourself sick about something or being obsessed over it, only to find that finally you had blown it out of proportion? Even worse, is there anyone out there who may have spent most of his life worrying about something which still hasn’t happened? What effect did it have on your mental and physical health?

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I can’t say I’m like that, but living with someone like that is crazy making. Yikes!

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@snowberry oh yes because they don’t actually LIVE, they just exist in the shadow of fear!

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I like to think I have a long way to go before I can accurately answer this question. Don’t want to jinx myself ya know! ;)

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Definitely. Sometimes things aren’t as bad as we think.

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Usually. It seems that the worst things always happen when I was being optimistic beforehand, so I’ve certainly learned my lesson!

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I am not like that but do know a few who regularly freak out.

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Yes. Once you begin to live fearfully, progressively smaller and more insignificant things torture you.

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Luckily, I’ve skipped this experience.

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Yes, but it is all internal for me. I might want to run away screaming and crying before letting someone dig into my jaw and remove my wisdom teeth, but I will chat with the nurse and try to grin and bear it. There is no point in making everyone miserable.

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Ok—this is something that actually happened. During my first year of teaching, I was threatened by a very scary and menacing parent (He was 10 feet tall with fangs!! Claws!!) and he cornered me in my room intimidating me. A co worker caught the scene, and reported it. The school took out a restraining order and all year, I lived in fear… he knew where I lived and the RO didn’t cover my home, only workplace. Looking back, it was ridiculous, but I was horrified of him. I ended up having to go to court to testify against him because he had done the same to others.
I’ve always had quite a vivid imagination, which can be a gift, or a pain in the ass.
I might have had reason to be scared- at the end of the year, one of his friends, another parent, showed up at a meeting I had to attend with a gun.
The interesting thing is, I didn’t run my mind off on that, probably because it was an actual incident, while threats bring up worries related to whether he’ll follow through.

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