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What can you make with a turkey loaf?

Asked by keobooks (14303points) July 30th, 2011

Someone has given me a turkey loaf, AKA processed turkey—the kind of turkey they used to serve in school lunches with instant mashed potatoes and canned gravy.

I can’t find any recipes for it. When I look up “turkey loaf” I get meatloaf mad from ground turkey. When I look up processed turkey, I get no recipes with the actual ingredient.

What can I do with this, aside from roast it and serve it as a school lunch?

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I think turkey loaf is precooked, but check your label to make sure. If it is, use it any way you durn well please. In salad. In sandwiches. Cut up into smallish chuunks and added to soup, or chili, or just heat it up and pour gravy over it, and serve with mashed potatoes and a cooked veggie.

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Toasted sandwiches with cheese.
Toast one side of bread slices under broiler. Top untoasted sides with thin slices of turkey loaf. Spread with mustard and relish. Add a thin slice of tomato. Top with favorite cheese. Put under broiler until cheese melts.
Variations: Use horseradish instead of mustard.
Add slices of cooked bacon
Instead of tomato, use sliced apple

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Cubes for salads.

Grind it up for sandwich spread.

Slice it, batter it and pan fry it like a chicken fried steak.

Cubes for pot pies.

Stuff’s pretty wretched & salty

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What about a turkey chili or a pot roast? Both can be frozen for future use. If using some now and cubing it, some could be micro-cubed and used in omelets.

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Not all turkey loafs are cooked. It is usually easy to tell when you open the package. If it is not cooked, treat it as you would a boneless beef or pork roast. Precooked you can cut and use as lunchmeat or leftover turkey.

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1. Rub it with honey and mustard. Put some bacon slices on it and bake it.
2. Slice it and sprinkle it with bacon bits. Mix some apricot jam with a little bit of water, and pour it over the slices and bake.

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Apparently it goes by the name of “turkey ham” bahahahaha i’m sorry that is just extremely funny to me

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See…the turkey doesn’t have a job anymore and…

Never mind.

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I’m thinking you could make some turkey hash, with potatoes and maybe some eggs, for a nifty breakfast treat.

Or you could make some enchiladas or burritos with it.

You could also make it into sloppy joes by sauteeing some onions and tomatoes, and maybe even some green peppers if you like, then add your favorite barbecue sauce and the turkey and serve atop hamburger buns.

Or you could chop/crumble it up and put it in spaghetti sauce, or put it on top of a pizza.

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I like the ideas that involve grinding it up and mixing it into something. When i looked at the package, the sodium content looked evil. So if I mixed it into something and used it as a flavoring, the salt wouldn’t be such a whammy.

Thanks for the idea.

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