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Would you adopt a kitty who resembled Hitler?

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Call it Groucho and solve the problem.

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Of course! If I didn’t already have 4 kittens we are trying to find a new home for.

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I had one! My ex and I had a cat with a Hitler mustache. He also had a black patch on his head that looked like a bad hair day, so his previous owners called him Toupee. He was a great cat. :)

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Bring me a Hitler lookalike cat, and I’ll give you $1000. I would seriously pay good money for a cat that looks like Hitler, I would even give the thing a proper little uniform and everything.

Offensive to some yes, but for novelty value I would have to do it.

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Alot of people adopt Kitlers
I hope someone adopts her.

Whoops!I just saw that my link was in your link already

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I don’t know, doesn’t really look like Hitler to me.
I would adopt that cat. I’m not a Nazi sympathizer, but I feel sorry for that cat. It’s not like he/she wanted to look like Hitler.

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It’s also not like Hitler is the only person who ever wore a wide mustache.

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Looks more like Charlie Chaplin to me. Perhaps a change in suggestion is necessary? Put a little derby on its head.

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Aw! What a sweet kitty! I’d adopt her, but I can’t.

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Of course! She isn’t Hitler. She is cute.

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Hmmm I don’t see a resemblance but maybe that’s just me – I’d take her any day!

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The Kitler site was once covered on The Graham Norton Show. (Slightly NSFW video.) And sure, I’d consider taking the cat if I could have one.

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I would totally adopt Kitler if I wasn’t at maximum pet capacity. But I think it’s adorable – it’s not the face that made Hitler Hitler, it was the attempt at world domination and the Holocaust.

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I would get some Brilliantine and make kitty look like Salvadore Dali

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Oh yes @lilycoyote. That’s a good plan and what a cool kitty she would be then.

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@Bellatrix yes, I think Salvadore Kati would be a very cool cat.

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Absolutely! Salvadore would approve I think.

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@Bellatrix The problem would really be getting kitty to approve of the Dali do. Though she is apparently out of options so she might consent.

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I cannot believe people will not adopt a cat for such a silly reason. The moustache never hindered Dali, it might work for her. Wasn’t there a cat that painted too and people were selling its art works? Perhaps there is a career in this for her.

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Give me a break! That cat looks so way more like Groucho Marx than Hitler. All I ask of her is to be friendly and apparently she is. So yes I’l take her.

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Would I adopt a cat with a patch of fur that looked like a little mustache? YES

Wold I adopt a cat with a freakishly human shaped head, a greasy toupee and a mustache that resembled Hitler’s? NO

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People are so dumb. She doesn’t “look like Hitler”. Yes I’d adopt her. And I’d name her Chanel.

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I have had a cat that looked like Hitler, but, his name WAS “Groucho.” haha

He was gray & white with the Hitler stache.

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“Call it Groucho and solve the problem.”


“I have had a cat that looked like Hitler, but, his name WAS “Groucho.” haha”


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@lucillelucillelucille Whoa! The “Bestest Kitlers” on your link is freaky. #4 has some crazy ‘hair.’

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@asmonet has one. :)

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@Jude I’m thinking that kitty looks a bit like Jon. It would be a good mascot for RAR. lol

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I’m helping my mom ranch-sit for a week. There are 10 cats in this huge house—I’ve only seen 7. One looks like Hitler- same tiny ‘moustache’ and actually a little more squarish than the one in the picture. I call him Adolf- no idea what his owners call him!
There’s also a fat calico cat I call Jennyanydots and a fat black/white I call Mr. Mistofeeles. I’m waiting for Macavity to pop out!

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Aaaw, poor kitty. As if she won’t be adopted because of that. Whether or not she looks like Hitler, she’s a cat, not fucking Hitler. I’d adopt her.

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No, & I wouldn’t stay in this house either….have you seen the landlord!?!

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IMO, she looks more like Stalin with that stache, and I’d adopt her no matter what dictator she resembled.

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Of course I would. Are all Brits idiots??
Also, that cat is a whole lot older than 6 weeks! More like 2 years.

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That house is HILARIOUS @ucme!

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I think the human brain does not create this connection. As long as it doesn’t read words like “resembled Hitler” first.

We could put this to the test. Create a JPG copy. Put it on some website with no words. And then asked all people on Fluther who have not clicked on this thread

“Would you adopt this kitty?”

My bet is most cat lovers would say yes.

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My aunt lives in Germany, and she has a Hitler cat. People do mention that she has a little Hitler mustache (the cat, not my aunt) But it’s not a big deal. If it were a big deal anywhere, I’d think Germany would be the most sensitive. The cat’s name is Kookla.

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Germans are very sensitive. The first name Adolf is a taboo for example. And extra care is required when it comes to jokes. But cats are cats and the way they look has absolutely nothing to do with Nazism.

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