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What kinds of other natural body defenses and weapons would you like to have?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) July 30th, 2011

Porcupines have needles, skunks have their stink spraying butt glands, rhinos have horns and squids squirt ink that conceals them to escape…what natural body defenses or weapons other than your arms and legs would you like to have similar to what animals or plants have or whatever you could imagine you want it to be?

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Octo-camouflage would great, and not just for defense.

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Bulletproof skin and bones as hard as titanium, please.

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I’d like to be a shark with a laser beam on my forehead.;)
I am not even going to edit this to answer it properly….goodnight! XD

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Rectractable claws!

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I like the idea of being invisible. I am not sure if invisibility is possible, so I would have to say camouflage. It would be nice to be able to just stand/sit quietly and nobody could see me.

Oh and armour plating on my legs so I don’t get bruises when I clumsily walk into things.

Some nice brightly coloured feathers in my hair that stand straight up and give people a warning that they are annoying the hell out of me and I want them to stop would be handy.

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Reticulated jaw would be pretty cool! Eat my prey in one big bite! ;)

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To be able to hypnotized large crowds of people and animals.
Oops didn’t read it all the way. To be able to leap away quickly and as high as a deer.
Kick as hard as a kangaroo.
Just for looks I would like a nice shine hard green scales on my elbow to the top surface of my hand that can shoot up like and are razor sharp when in the up position. Anyone trying to grab my arm would get slashed.

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I would like squid’s ink, please.

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All the powers that Super Man has would be nice.

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I would like retractable nails, like a cat. Night vision would also be awesome. Teeth like a snakes that can fold back would also be very cool. The ability to change my looks to blend in would marvelous.

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I have a natural way to become much braver, stronger, handsomer, and funnier.
To activate this power, all I need to do is drink beer.
Unfortunately, I am the only one that notices.


I wish I had the ability to ejaculate a super hot, boiling liquid at my enemies, one that comes out in a strong shot, like a jet stream, and one that burns and melts things on contact. Just like the “assassin bug” that has the ability to super heat a liquid inside its body, then shoots its enemies or prey. That’d be cool.

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I’d love to have wings so I could get away and have fun in the sky. But I’d also love to have mighty claws, and fuck shit up. And horns. Because that would look cool.

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I would like my defense mechanism to be super caustic stomach bile that can projects over a 90yd range and have the ability to eat through the toughest metal, like that baby creature on Alien.

Second to that, I would love to have a screech loud enough to shatter 6in thick glass or blow out the ear drums of animals and humans.

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The “look”. It will make anyone attempting to move on me so depressed they will become inconsolable and sob endlessly until they back off.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Well that first one was pretty fucking disgusting.

Awesome. :)

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Tough green scales armoring my whole body, along with the ability to regenerate lost limbs.
@Pandora Good choice on the coloring of your scales. Green scales are best scales!

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The ability to break teeth with a cleverly concealed cooking disaster, the wife has this down to a fine art.

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The power to ignore someone annoying.

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A Kevlar Heart and a retractible Kalishnikov arm.

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