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What questions should I ask a potential Obedience dog trainer before I send my Dacshund and Italian Greyhound to them?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) May 1st, 2008 from iPhone

Please help me as I’m not sure what to ask. Also, i was quoted $2150.00 isn’t that high for basic training? It sure seems high to me…

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Although I don’t know all that much about dogs, I would recommend you ask a few standard questions in relation to how he/she (the trainer) goes about training the dogs, the techniques they use, etc. Also, maybe finding a couple of different options to get some different ‘quotes’ on price, so to speak. From what you’ve said, it sounds as though this trainer is not part of an organization. Maybe you should also consider a dog-training school of some sort, that might have lower prices and particular breed specialists.

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That price does seem pretty steep to me. I’m guessing that price is for both dogs and not per dog. Wether you go with that person or another, I would ask for refereces of people whos dogs they have trained. If they are any good, the client will be able to speak for them.

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That’s an extremely pricey program. Is this a program that boards the animals and trains them for you? If so, I don’t recommend that route – you’ll be much better off taking the class with the dogs.

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Wow, I think that is VERY high unless the training is one-on-one and is for problem dogs. Consider Barkbusters, which is a proven system. Questions I would ask a trainer? Is the work guaranteed (For example, Barkbusters offers a lifetime guarantee.)? I have no affiliation with them by the way nor am I saying they are the only way to go, it is just that since they are franchised I know they are national and I have seen the excellent results. They do a lot of work with the local greyhound rescue here to very good end. Is the training method gentle? (I think that is mandatory.) What instruction or training does the trainer provide the owner? (Again, I think that is critical because it does you no good if the dog is a dream for the trainer and then ignores your commands.) What are the goals of the training program? That is, what can you expect from your dogs by the end of training. (Then I would make sure the trainer’s goals are the same as your goals.) Best of luck.

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Spencer & Bailey are both terrific dogs, they rarely bark unless someone is walking up to our dir or if there happens to be raccoons which we have nightly and only until we say no! I primarily want both dogs to come when called, “stay” when told, “sit” and not to get up until told to. “laydown” when told & walk in a leash. That’s it! The place I was referred to is a 4week stay at their facility and an additional week with the both Bailey & Spencer which makes a total of five weeks. I have not contacted them as of yet as I was waiting for your answer.

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Having the dogs stay somewhere else for me personally would be a red flag. Why aren’t you there when the trainer is working with the dogs? I would not do that. Your dogs sound great.

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I found this site while I was looking at a property formerly used as a dog training facility. Hope it helps.

Oh, it’s not just for barking dogs.

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I work 40+ hours a week outside of the home as well as live with and care for my terminally I’ll boyfriend, to say the least of trying to care for our house, Spencer, Bailey, an African grey parrot named kaden, oh did I mention our 4 sometimes 5 cats? I am not making excuses nor would I rather have them trained by someone other than myself. It’s very difficult having to leave Gary as it is and I don’t have any outside help. I felt it would be in the boys best interest to have outside training, then I would spend the last week with daily training, as I said I have yet to contact them until I received info fromyou. Please tell me why it would be better for the boys were I there @ time of training opposed after. I’ll b right back

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I’ve made an appointment with Barkbusters for this Thursday!

Thanks one & all….

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