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Who would like to see the more obscure awards revamped some?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43707points) July 31st, 2011

Let’s take a vote. I’m looking at the awards I’ve gotten…they have funny tags but I have NO idea which question that I asked or answered that achieved that reward. It’s hard to work towards something when you have no idea how to get it! It’s not much fun, either. : (
Perhaps, when you move your cursor over the award it could simply tell you what question or answer it was given for? Don’t even tell us that it was for “You got 50,000 GA’s….” just link to the question and allow us to figure it out for ourselves.
What say ye, Jellies? Any other ideas?

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If you buy me dinner and a play, I’ll vote for it. Otherwise, I could not care less.

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Most of them do tell you what they are for. link
The only ones that don’t tell you what they are for are the Atlantis awards, in which case figuring them out is part of the fun.

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I’d rather it sent me to the question itself.

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@Dutchess_III I think I misread the question. I think it would be neat to have more awards where it doesn’t say what it is for. They should probably be pretty easy, like something that you could figure out given the link and the clues, or just the clues.

Things like the 1,000 lurve award would be too hard to figure out. If you weren’t paying attention to your lurve, there are a million other things that the award could mean, and there would be no way to test your theories.

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You mean in the community feed? Like, “Dutchess_III received the Doubloon award”, and you could click on it and it’d take you directly to the question/answer you received it for, right? I’d love that. It’s on our list of future improvements, but may not happen for quite a while.

If you’re asking for the actual explanations of how to get an award (in the case of the Atlantis awards), that’s not gonna’ happen. Scavenger hunts are fun! :p

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@augustlan That’s exactly what I’m talking about! That would make the scavenger hunt more of an interesting challenge, something to puzzle out, rather than the clueless head-scratching blindness that it is now!

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