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How can I get over this?

Asked by Eggie (5867points) July 31st, 2011

I broke up with my girlfriend around February this year and I thought that I could handle it but I am so missing her right now. We still talk and stuff but I don’t think that I could bear anymore of this. I see her pics on Facebook having fun and looking beautiful and my heart aches and I feel really depressed. She doesn’t know though…and even if she did I don’t think that she would care. I don’t want to unfriend her from fb because I still want to at least stay friends with her. Please help me somebody….

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This too shall pass.

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@Dutchess_III I just look at her every day and I miss her so much. I felt like the sun rose and set with her and we had so much fun together…...I had breakups before but this one hurts alot.

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The easiest way to get-over someone is to replace them.

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@Eggie I really do know how you feel. My high school boyfriend of over a year broke up with me during my Junior year. I didn’t truly get over him until half way through my Freshman year at college when….as @johnpowell said…I met someone new.

You’ll look back eventually and possibly wonder what you ever saw in her to begin with! But, maybe not.

All you can do is wait it out, write it out…and go out and start mingling.

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You’re torturing yourself by keeping an eye on her. Not to mention it’s kind of stalkerish. Defriend her. Your hope that things will rekindle is hampering you. You’ve got to commit to moving on. Find some hate inside you. Hate that she broke up with you. Hatred is very helpful in getting over someone. Once you’re past them, you don’t have to hate them any more.

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…I don’t think hatred would have worked for me @wundayatta….I think it would have just made me ugly inside.

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I know that I had to tell myself, “He is dead. He is dead to me. That’s just how it is.” Then I could at least get into activities until I met someone else. As long as you keep hoping, you won’t get over it. Letting go is always the first step and it takes courage. The new hope comes after that.

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Unfriend her on facebook for starters. Quit prolonging the agony. At least make your settings so you hide her posts.

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Someone told me a few years back that the easiest way to get over someone is to get under someone new. It sounded crude at the time and not the grown up, progressive-soul way to go but I’ll be damned if it didn’t work to break the obsessive emotional link to the old relationship.

Good luck.

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Accept the fact that you completely blew it with her and grab the hair on the back of your head and pound your forehead into a brick wall… will feel so much better in about 10 seconds.

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@Dutchess_III I have found it helpful. It’s not real hatred. It’s just enough to get you past the worst pain, when you are about to cave and go begging for a bread crust, or anything. You can never really hate her. You love her. But you can fake it for a while.

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@Cruiser thats not funny…..

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@Eggie not meant to be funny and truly sorry you are bummin…but trying to hang on to a relationship that is beyond ‘well done’ needs a bell ringing wake up call and I simply gave you a sure fire recipe! I used it many times!

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@Cruiser We can tell! And it kind of explains some stuff about you!!

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