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Can anyone here, or anyone you know, read shorthand?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43706points) July 31st, 2011

I found this behind the bed when I was cleaning the other day. The only person I’ve ever known that could read and write shorthand was my Mom. So this is something she wrote. She passed three years ago, so this was a bit of a jolt. I’m curious as to what it says.

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You might call a stenography business to see if they have someone who can. Gregg shorthand went the way of buggy whips in the 60’s with the advent of small voice recorders (Dictaphones).

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I know that.

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@Dutchess_III That’s really cool. I’ve been fairly interested in short hand but I haven’t had the time really research it.

Perhaps this could be a project for you?

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It is cool. I was always fascinated when Mom would write in it for us.

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I think it starts out Dear sir. That is the extent that I remember of my shorthand days.

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According to my girlfriend who still uses shorthand, it’s probably a letter to a Dr. Pryor at 515 Mason(?) regarding a patient account or medical equipment vendor account with a balance of “36” or “2600.” The last line is something like “however for the time being entirely overlook your acts/accounts(?)”

Here’s what I typed as she attempted to decipher a few times. The penmanship in this case is fairly poor, apparently, and it doesn’t help that it was done in pencil.

To Dr (Robert?) Pryor 515 Mason

Dear Doctor in something you should not see the medical which something convenience and I that instead phone proper notify remind without delay inasmuch as never shown assessment be able/pay she takes it for granted some new

However for the time being and I this I cannot there because show a balance of 36 (or 2,600) still the pain something over which for now in excess I am mad(e) out there I have at the time I have something pass something shows that there is some error on open/part image question she does give with create which in new after as I believe to who where from new even if we/key I want the something to working however for the time being entirely overlook your acts/accounts

Dear (rt?) prior five fifteen missed/message(?) super(ior) assess/access/(?) ¬†easy something should see the medical… convenience… of your/okay(?) reliable choose that I see… we did phone proper notification (properly notified) remade I cannot delay inasmuch as

We tAke it for granted/grants not to basically can like and I am something to say something on another of something of your decision whoever for the time being and I (entire?) question again there because showing a sale of 36 still for now payable and I am made outward I however at this time I can pass/pay(?) ... Good price in case she does take the news after easil maybe it is working(?) and I have for the time being entirely overlook your acts

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Wow, hobbitsubculture was just starting to research different shorthand systems last night. What a coincidence.

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I have a friend who writes and reads shorthand, but I don’t know what style she uses.

I’ll see (if she’s at work tomorrow) if she can provide a translation.

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I just sent my mum who studied shorthand an email and she’ll send me the translation. I will paste it later when shes done :)

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Wow you guys! I knew you could help me!
I don’t know when this was written. In the last few years she was suffering from dementia and I’d come across things she’d written that were nonsense….and some that were heartbreaking, like writing her name over and over.

Once she mailed me a birthday card with a check in it. She just wrote my name and the town….I got it. When I called to thank her she was super excited that she’d addressed it right. She said, “You got it????? Oh how wonderful!!”

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