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How do I get the boogers out of my nose?

Asked by acebamboo77 (717points) May 1st, 2008

Okay, so I KNOW i am not the only one out there that this happens to. You can’t get them out by blowing, and even if you resort to the pick with the tissue on your finger it still doesnt work.. so how the hell do i get them out?

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The best way, for me, is by using a product like Ayr, a saline nasal spray. There are other brands, even generic, that work fine. There’s only so much you can do with your fingers. Once you go Ayr, you won’t go back. Tweezers can be handy as well.

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sneezing is hard to do on cue, and snorting doesnt do anything, but sometimes make my nose whistle…
ill def look into the saline sprays tho

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Seriously. I broke my nose a while ago and this stuff saved me. Watch how you relieved you feel when blow out an embryo-sized booger.

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Twist the tissue into a spiral cone and then twist the same direction up your nostril like a giant, cave-digging drill.

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a giant cave digging drill for gold! haha

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Hot shower….let the steam get going. Blow em out.

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“Booger” is a very funny word.

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1. Find somewhere private.
2. Form a ball shape with your fist, and poke out your index finger.
3. Insert your index finger into your left/right nostril.
4. Go crazy!

Once you feel confident with the basic fist-shape, you can branch out into more radical moves to get those well hidden/tricky-to-catch boogers.


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hold one nostril shut and blow hardout the other. its called a snot rocket or booger blaster.

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@buster also known as the “barnyard blow” where I’m from.

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How are you getting them in your nose?

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hot shower and alot of blowing should to the trick

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If you really want to loosen the stuff up to be able to blow it all out….....fill a bowl with boiling water, take a towel over your head and lean over the bowl…...the steam will do the trick. If you want, you can add some drops of eucalyptus or menthol. It makes breathing the steam even better.

I had this recommended to me by my doctor when I had sinus problems and it really does help.

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The heat and steam of the shower does help, and saline nasal sprays are good for other times during the day. I also massage my face around the sinuses, and this helps relieve the pressure and loosen the congestion to help them drain, so you can blow them out more easily.

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ohh the barnyard blow!
im really glad im not the only one thats heard that haha

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