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Why does my dog bite herself?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) May 1st, 2008 from iPhone

my dog always bites her paw in the same spot for around 5 months now. She wears a cone, but sometimes we give her a break and take it off and she keeps biting it. She had surgery for a cyst on her head prior to the surgery and she’s a bichon frisee which is hypoallergenic if that helps.

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i may not know why….. BUT i know a solution. i cant remember off the top of my head what exactly it is, but there are a few things dogs hate the taste of, and if you rub it on their paws it will stop them from biting or licking.
we had a dog that would lick his paws raw, but it was some time ago and i cannot remember what house hold item we used. the vet told us tho.

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we tried vinegar, lemon, etc… Then some sprays, but it makes her pure white fur turn brown

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oh hmmmmmmm that is a problem then.
i will try to find out what we used on our dog and get back to u

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thanks. We made an appointment with a behaviorist, but also she’s gonna have some surgery with her nerve endings or something like that.

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If you are looking for a reason, I would guess that the dog was taken from its mother too soon. But that doesn’t matter much for the problem the dog now has—or for you to try and solve it.

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well, we got her when she was 6 because of personal issues in the other family. Bit the family structure is the same;3 kids of the same age and 2 parents.

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Not your family, the dog’s family. The other identical family to yours probably used “personal issues” as a cover for ‘incessant biting of paw” and had to let her (the dog) go.

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no, the husband thought he was allergic, but he found out he wasn’t after the dog integrated into our family. Also, we had to put an end to the humping( we don’t know why she humps. I thought only males did that)

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my best guess is fleas. is like nibbling or full on biting?

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If she has an issue with her nerve endings, chances are it’s just a way to get at an itch or irritated nerve, since it’s on her paw, she can’t easily get at it with her other paw….....just a thought.

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There’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. Bichons have a high incidence of skin issues and allergies. Before you sever nerve function, take her to a veterinary dermatologist – they’ll be able to do allergy testing.

If it a psychogenic condition, severing the nerves may not make a difference.

If it is a neuropathy, severing the nerves may help, but that’s a pretty rare condition in dogs.

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this just in…

i spoke to the vet. he said that while they were removing a cyst beforehand, something might have happened when they pricked her with anesthetic, which might have been in the foot, but it isn’t in the records if that was the location of the needle. right now, shes on antibiotics for 2 weeks. if the problem persists, we will bring her to a animal psychologist.

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If it is chronic and not from the anesthetic, you might consider changing her to a raw food diet. Many people have had good results with allergic conditions (which can cause the behavior you are describing). Nowadays, it is easy to buy prepared raw food at high-end pet supply stores. It is frozen and comes in patty form.

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