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If you were faced with excessive debt, would you sell your body?

Asked by Blackberry (31923points) August 1st, 2011

Some women are sleeping with older, richer men to pay tuition.

Besides being just plain sad and depressing, I must admit it’s a good idea if the opportunity is there. I’m not sure how often these opportunities come up for men (if at all), but if my back was against the wall, I might consider it.

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No,but I would sell my mother-in-law.

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Nah! Too old to think that way anymore. And besides I can’t imagine anyone wanting willing to pay me what I think I’m worth.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

How about renting pieces out for a short time?

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A male escort with “extras”............& I get paid…...where do I sign up!?!

Bluefreedom's avatar

Probably not but extreme circumstances could demand extreme measures I suppose.

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Heck, for all practical purposes, I sell my body (and brains) now. There are all sorts of things I would rather be doing with my time than trudging into the lab every week day.

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If I were desperate and could find a buyer, probably..

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@janbb Ooohhhh, nice. Someone’s got some confidence :D

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

No. But only because I dread who might actually be willing to pay for it.

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@lucillelucillelucille apparently thinks I would and I keep saying no…no…no….

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Too old to be liked in that way but if I were to be given a chance I’d respectfully refuse it. If I were to be in that much debt I’d consider selling a kidney or something not before begging at a street corner.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@ANef_is_Enuf Frantically smashes piggy bank. :)

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

Oh. I may be willing to reconsider. That isn’t even remotely as scary as I had anticipated.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

This is turning into an interesting market place.

cazzie's avatar

Nope. Not as long as my brain is still working. When my qualifications weren’t recognised when I moved to Norway, I had to really put on my thinking cap and came up with a business idea that I could do here, legally, and that would be flexible enough to play mother to my instant family. It is proving somewhat successful. I think my brain is worth more than my body, so there really isn’t much to contemplate here.

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I really don’t think I would, but… I’m sure nobody plans to do that, or does that unless they’re faced with circumstances where there are very few other choices, so I don’t feel like I can say that for certain.

But it would be pretty much the last thing I would resort to.

tedd's avatar

Everyone has a price (somewhat unfortunately)

Coloma's avatar


I’ll file bankruptcy and build a tree house. lol

wundayatta's avatar

No, I wouldn’t. Neither would I buy a sugar baby, even if I weren’t married.

Stupid as it might be, I’d be looking for more than just sex and more than just companionship. I’d be looking for a relationship of a longer lasting kind and that just wouldn’t happen with someone just out of college. I’m not into being a teacher about life. I’d only be interested in someone who has already been taught those lessons.

Besides which—I’m way too cheap. A thousand post-tax dollars a day? A little too rich for me.

syz's avatar

With my body, I’d be lucky to be able to afford a Happy Meal.

But, no. I have been in plenty of tight spots, and I firmly believe that there is always a way out with enough hard work.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Ummmm. I already sold myself to @Adirondackwannabe and @ANef_is_Enuf I might.

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Ha, I wouldn’t even have to be in debt. I’d be a rent-boy or a kept man in a minute. I’d marry for money too. I’ll be your housewife, I’m good in the kitchen and other places too. ;) But I don’t come cheap, if you pardon the pun.

Coloma's avatar

I WOULD let someone else sell themselves to me.

Right now I need a spa boy, water boy, and Thai chef.
You can earn as you go. hahaha

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Stripped of sexual overtones, this is the essence of unskilled labor.

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@Nullo – I submit that it applies to skilled labor as well.

As a side note, during my misspent youth working my way to college playing in rock and roll bands, as a side effect of the lifestyle I knew more that a couple of women who made extra cash as “exotic dancers”/“adult entertainers” (as acquaintances, not as a customer!). They generally fell into two categories. There were those who were pretty much irreparably screwed up and there were those who knew exactly who and what they were. Those who fell into the later category are among the sanest people I have ever known.

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Yes, if I got an offer from medical science.

everephebe's avatar

@flutherother been there done that.^

rebbel's avatar

Any bidders?

Coloma's avatar

@rebbel ‘s on the auction block? Oookay…he’s a strong and nice looking younger dude, I’ll open the bidding with 1k for a week of service. lol

Coloma's avatar


For some reason I thought you were/are in your 20’s? Meh…maybe I’m way off. ;-)

rebbel's avatar

From the 20’s :-)
No, I am 44.

DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

@Blackberry….Where? At K-Mart? I’d be the blue light special



Neizvestnaya's avatar

I’d sell some organs if I could have medical treatment along with the monetary pay. Selling sexual services though? Maybe if I were single and I had incurred those debts all by myself. I’m in a relationship though so if the debts were incurred jointly then I’d expect my partner to do his bit in hustling too ;p

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@rebbel reaally?? XD
In my opinion, you just never know what you might do in desperation. I wouldn’t sell myself for money so I can pay for tuition, but if there were extreme circumstances, I might consider.

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I bid $500 for one night with @rebbel! (But he has to play some music too.)

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Before it got to that, I’d buy a bicycle, park the car with the keys in it, send the house keys back to the bank, and walk away into a completely different lifestyle. Why not? That’s what the banks did, right? Only their little twist came when they had congress come across with what was left of the treasury to float their debts.

I can’t believe people take this system of debt based consumerism seriously. It’s corrupt and the people who buy into it never actually live a life free of chains. We each only get about 75 years here, if we’re lucky, and there’s no guarantee that there is anything after this. This really may be all there is. And according to statistics, people spend their lives allowing the same banks that they entrust with their money to drain their accounts with absurd charges. They allow themselves to be bled by banks with insane usurious credit card loans for what? A house full of shit you would be better off renting and might get you 5% of its value at the next yard sale? And don’t forget all that other shit in the garage and the storage unit that still isn’t paid for. Then there’s the insurance which is faithfully kept up, money sent to a company with floors of lawyers paid to find a way not to pay any back out.

They work jobs they hate while stewed on psychotropics to make it all bearable—work them for years—in order to keep up with their payments. They often make unethical decisions just to keep those jobs, to keep that pittance rolling in. Hey, its business, right? And what’s left? They go home and watch their TVs and await the next credit card-fueled vacation—if Christmas doesn’t sink them first.

Yeah, go ahead. Maybe they should sell their bodies. It will go nicely with their souls.

Or they can just fucking walk away.

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If I really couldn’t think of any way to avoid it and my kids were going to go hungry or be without a roof over their heads, yes I would.

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In some ancient cultures, you could escape debt by becoming the creditor’s indentured servant for a while. AFAIK, your own estate would be managed by the creditor in the meantime. Always seemed interesting to me.

Espiritus_Corvus's avatar

Cowards. The correct answer is that you would rob a fucking bank before you sold your own body. You people are gutless pigs.

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Wow… that was actually a little… tacky.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

I wouldn’t mind letting chocolate get a little tacky with me for the right price.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

We’d have to procure ducttape and a ballgag first. For my husband. =0)

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