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What is the nicest hotel you have ever stayed in?

Asked by flutherother (34280points) August 1st, 2011

Where was it and what did you like about it?

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It was the Four Seasons resort in the Maldives – I was on a company junket with my partner so we got it “cheap”. I loved it for the privacy of the individual villas with its individual pool, garden and private access. Felt like we had the island all to ourselves… plus the staff to guest ration was something like 3 to 1. Never felt more like royalty! ;)

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Hotel Can Simo in Cala Millor Mallorca. 4 Star Hotel (I believe)

Facilities include:

Several outdoors pools, a couple indoor ones, a gym, karate classes, massages, facials, saunas, breakfast in bed, several tennis courts, several soccer and football fields, etc.

You are welcomed with a glass of champagne, and anything you could ask for or want will be offered and provided.

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Fairmont in San Francisco, they overbooked, we were given a suite for the normal room price.

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Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain, Scottsdale Arizona.
They have a private Casita with outdoor soaking tub we love. This is the spot we checked into to watch meteor showers into the wee hours of morning. We love this little hideaway so much, we often talk about building a little casita of our own with the same floorplan and decor.

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A corner executive suite overlooking Michigan Ave at the Conrad in Chicago.

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Waldorf Astoria in NYC

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It’s a tie between The Tides Inn resort in Virginia and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania.

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It wasn’t a hotel it was a bed and breakfast. We had the the large log cabin out back. It was clean and the view was beautiful.

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The presidential suite at the New York Hilton. Private elevator up to the suite with two floors and a staircase curving up to the second floor. Piano in the living room, views of Central Park. A secret door between the library and kitchen. Full size dining room. Full kitchen but nothing to cook with. I guess you were expected to hire a chef. Incredible. No, we didn’t have to pay for it. The organization we were with did. They used it for special receptions and some meetings. I have no idea what it might cost but it came with the contract. Was it my favorite place of the many I’ve stayed at? Not at all. I don’t need that kind of excess, nor did I feel particularly comfortable there. It felt like you should have multiple servants and I’m a do-it-yourselfer.

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Fairmont in San Francisco and Fairmont in Boston – both incredibly fancy. The San Francisco Fairmont, we had requested two beds, and the beds were in different rooms, so it was a suite. You can get great deals at Fairmont if you look for packages, like “bed and breakfast.” Go to their site, that’s where I got mine. We stayed in SF and Boston at Fairmont for less than if we stayed at a Holiday Inn in a crowded tourist area. Both Fairmonts have incredible lobbies – gold gilt, superb service. The rooms were classic, marble, old money looking.

I also stayed at the Biltmore in Arizona – rooms not as fancy as the Fairmont but the resort was very nice. At the time, they said every president since Herbert Hoover stayed there.

I am a big believer in paying a bit more for a nicer hotel, even if you only stay a few nights, if you stay in the nice hotel for the tail end of your trip, you’ll have great memories.

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@SpatzieLover, @DrBill, and @Sunny2 I’m a bit envious. The hotels you named are part of the Hilton Family. It’s a company I worked for and never had the chance to stay at any of them while on the job.

@jca I am the proud owner of a large scrap of carpet from the Biltmore from when the decor was still done up in a Frank Lloyd Wright style. One of the interior designers hired to participate in a renovation had the hindsight to save some of the pieces removed, and years later, sold them on eBay.

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I also stayed at the Village Inn at Bird in Hand. Bird in Hand is a town in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. The Village Inn at Bird in Hand is an old restored inn. It’s done in period furniture, and when you wake up, you can hear the Amish horse and buggies going by outside. It’s like staying in an inn during the Revolutionary War period.

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@Pied_Pfeffer We enjoyed our stay so much, we look forward to Hilton visits elsewhere. The service was above and beyond

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I would completely agree with the statements about Hilton hotels. On our trip across Canada we stayed in 30 different hotels and the Hilton hotels were, by far and away, the nicest and friendliest.

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The Mandorin in Hong Kong.

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@SpatzieLover and @tranquilsea That’s good to hear. I hope you are Hilton HHonors members, as they are the only chain that provides both points and miles benefits. Personally, I prefer Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites and Hampton Inns while traveling in the US, which are also part of Hilton. The ones named above though are the cream of the crop. (Sorry for the plug…I left the company two years ago, so this isn’t spam.)

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The Fairmont in Chicago. I had a suite paid for by a client of my former employer’s while we helped them run a conference

Everyone on staff was friendly. I had a king-size bed. The food service was great. The view from my room was spectacular. I went to a conference for the afternoon, and when I returned, my black oxfords had been shined! I was just well taken care of and from what I understand, all the Fairmonts have stellar service.

I’d like to stay at the Mark or the Carlyle. Those are snazzy joints, too.

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The Elysian Hotel Best ever nothing compares!

@aprilsimnel Fairmont was my fav until I stayed at the Elysian!

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Five Star Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

I have stayed at other hotels, but has yet to equal the service and beauty of The Opryland Hotel.

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The most luxurious is the Hotel California, but I usually stay at the Roach Motel.

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My favourite would be the Inverlochy Castle Hotel near Fort William. It is a spectacular building in a spectacular setting but what I most liked was the feeling of staying, not in a hotel, but in a luxurious country house to which you have been invited as a personal guest. The service is warm and personal and the food is great. It is a wonderful experience.

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My hotel apartment in Taipei city Taiwan last year.
4th floor with a great view of the city, all marble interior, lovely little kitchen, trick bath and shower, loft room and the worlds funniest doorman with his pink “Hello Kitty” phone. lol

Also a beach hotel in Ft. Bragg last year, forgot the name. Fireplace, ocean front balcony, hot tub, sunken living room.

The Glendale Hilton in L.A. was nice too, spent a few days there a couple years ago. Cocktails on the roof and sharing my muffins with the pigeons and being invited to a huge Armenian wedding by some strangers in one of the banquet halls. haha

Oh, and dodging a Mr. Rogers look alike that had the hots for me. The guy was always managing to get in the elevator with me and chat me up, flattering, but, uh..I don’t do cardigans. LOL

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Coloma’s post reminded me of another. It isn’t posh, but it sure is exotic. A couple in Marrakesh bought and refurbished an old riad (atrium style house) and turned it into a B&B. The wife plans out all of the menus and oversees the cooking. The food was so outstanding that we ended up eating there every night. Breakfast was served on the rooftop terrace. Here is a video showing the hotel, the owners, and how they cook in tagines.

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Oooh, that looks so fun!

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Hilton Park Lane.

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I’ve only just found this question when I attempted to ask the same question! My favourite hotel in the world is Benleva Hotel in Drumnadrochit, Scotland. I loved everything about my stay, the meal, the open fire place in the restaurant/bar area, the fact that they welcome dogs, the modest but comfortable and cosy rooms, the really warm welcome and service, the boiled eggs I had in the morning and obviously the location. I can’t wait to go back there again.

There was nothing fancy about this hotel but I have never felt more content at a hotel in my entire life.

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@Leanne1986 I haven’t stayed there but we had a superb meal in the restaurant and they have a great selection of draught beers. A very nice, comfortable and friendly place.

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@flutherother I’m really pleased that someone else is families with this hotel. My boyfriend and I found it purely by chance when driving round looking for somewhere to stay (I was adamant that I wanted to stay in Drumnadrochit). If you can recommend any similar places for my trip to the Highlands in July I would be really grateful!

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@Leanne1986 You might like the Drover’s inn at Inverarnan at the top end of Loch Lomond and Barcaldine Castle near Oban is fun. Enjoy your visit!

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