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Break out the Brill Cream, press your slickest suit, and spit-shine those kicks to a high luster - it's time to wish another jelly Happy 10K!

Asked by cookieman (41414points) August 1st, 2011 from iPhone

Three cheers for @MRSHINYSHOES. A true gentleman if a bit of a throwback to the days when men were men and jellies were just a candy. Congratulations sir. Nicely done.

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One of a kind.

Congrats! :)

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Congratulations!! :)

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The shoes will continue to get shinier, I’m sure!

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Woo!! Congrats Mister!!

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Don’t tell anyone this, but I use your shoes as mirrors sometimes to peek under some female Jellies’ skirts…

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Your shoes are so shiny and bright, I can’t look at it without squinting! Congrats and more shiny shoes to come!

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Your shoes are the best:)

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Congratulations, Canadian guy :)

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also, I like that comment about jellies just being a kind of candy

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations !

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Congratulations…...! How pleased do you look when you see your reflection off those shoes? Pretty darn tootin’ pleased….I hope.

Great job!

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Sweet! Congrats ShinyShoes :)

Let’s party like it’s 1999 1965!

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Congratulations, SHINYSHOES!

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Dang niece, she got in the way of my getting to your mansion with the box of Speedos all dark plue, less one flaming red one. I hear the Roman pool you have there is perfectly heated. Well. guess I better shoo away the Chikanettes and tell them to come around for your 20k. Good work my friend, good work. :-)

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I Lurve to see your shiny face in Flutherland @MRSHINYSHOES!
Congratulations on your 10K!

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10Kongratulations. I like those shoes!

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Yay, Mr. Shineyshoes! It’s about time you got to the mansion. The party is in full swing. Congrats!

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Looking dapper, sir! Congratulations to a lustrously-shod jelly!

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It’s raining shiny shoes! Go get your size! CONGRATS and thanks for brightening Fluther with your shiny answers and footwear!

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Some new shiny shoes just for you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Omedetou Mabushiikutsu ! Ichi man! Sugoi yo!

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May you shoes continue to shine.

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Congratulations! I’ve admired your continued commitment to proper shoe care.

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Congrats! You make this place a very interesting place to visit. You are one of my favorites! =)

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Congrats to the shiny shoes dude! You know when I was in school with the nuns, shiny shoes, such as patent leather were not allowed because they would reflect your underpants and the boys would have lewd thoughts!

Hope your shiny shoes don’t reflect your tighty whities!

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Welcome to the 10K Mansion!
Well deserved. 10K cheeers! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ !

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You’re a fascinating jelly with a unique perspective. Congratulations!

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Congratulations MRSHINYSHOES!!! :))

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Hey, MRSS, congratulations!

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Congratulations! Here’s another pair of shiny ones for you @MRSHINYSHOES.

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Well Hush my Puppies! Congo Rats to a very deserving jelly!

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Congratulations! :-)

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Congratulations – = = > Just goes to show what a spit polish will do for you.

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IT’S ABOUT TIME SHINY! Congrats on the 10 grand sir!!

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Here’s a Hawaiian “Ho’omaikai!” to add to all the congratulations. You’re very deserving of this feat.


@Everyone, a BIG THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU ALL! Geez, I’m startin’ to ball like a little baby. The tears are fallin’ all over my shoes, but I’m going to leave them there because they will always remind me of your thoughtfulness and kind (and very funny) words!!

You guys and gals all made my day!!


Mr. Shiny Shoes

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Good job, @MRSHINYSHOES. You have a real achievement to be proud of!

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@MRSHINYSHOES Woo-hoo! You rock, dude! I’ve always appreciated your answers

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A hearty congratulations to you, @MRSHINYSHOES!

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To a long time computer associated:

* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Well shine up my shoes and press my best Brooks Brothers suit. Let’s PARTTTTTY!!!

Congratulations, @MRSHINYSHOES. You’re a welcome addition to the Mansion.

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Anyone in the Jacuzzi with Shiny do not be alarmed, but I just seen a pair of dark blue Speedos float by……


@Hypocrisy_Central Only at the family cottage, in the ice cold lake!

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Cheers to the shiniest shoes ever!

A spit shine for you and plenty of spankings to shine up your behind!

Welcome to the mansion you Shiney guy you!

I admire your devotion to your family, your love of dogs, and your overall nice guy presentation!

Not to mention, I have a thing for Asian guys! ;-D Oooh Coloma, there she goes with her say the first thing that comes to mind again! As IF I am capable of not just being in one giant free fall of verbosity! ;-D

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Congratulations @MRSHINYSHOES. Hope you are all polished and pressed and ready for your spot in the mansion.

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Huge congratulations @MRSHINYSHOES!! Sorry I’m late, I was out shoe shopping!

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Congratulations @MRSHINYSHOES! May your shoes forever be shiny!

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Pardon me as I sprinkle a little sand for a soft-shoe salute!

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Kick back now and scuff ‘em up a bit.


Again, to everyone who responded, thank you so much! You guys and gals are WONDERFUL!!! Those teardrops on my shiny shoes are making things soooo sparkly!

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Does anyone know how long @MRSHINYSHOES has been gone? I miss the guy. :/

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Aww… I hadn’t noticed until just now. I just realized recently that another longtime jelly left at some point. So strange.

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I think peeps were rude @jonsblond :( & he went away

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@SpatzieLover they were. They didn’t notice his heart and humor. What a shame. Hope he comes back.

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Agreed. I really liked him too. I’m glad you asked about it @jonsblond.

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I miss him too. And the darling tooth lady’s absence is driving me nuts.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Yes, that is who I was referring to!

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Does anyone know why she left?

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PM me too! This is very sad.

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You know what’s scary? I just went to MRSHINYSHOES’ page and it says “Oh no. We couldn’t find /users/MRSHINYSHOES.You may have followed an old link, typed in the address incorrectly, or are just trying to make us feel bad. Go home or contact us.” How does a user disappear like that?

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@28lorelei He told me that he had a new job assignment that was going to be very demanding and that he might not be able to participate any more. He probably pulled his account due to that. I suspect he’s OK.

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@28lorelei That simply means he cancelled his account.

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Or was banned or suspended. Same page comes up, no matter why they’re gone.

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Ooooh, I think Auggie’s trying to hint that he did something bad, dirty and wrong and got banned. <titter>

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I think the worst thing he was possibly capable of was mistaking what decade it is.

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He was okay that fella, quirky & different, but an okay chap.
He would often PM me telling of his “fisticuffs” with the local “yobs” & how he was “kicked in the nuts” I heard his voice as that of George Takei, I told him this once & he mistook it as a slur on his sexuality…...I liked him.

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No kidding, he told you that same story @ucme? He discussed it with me in great detail over the course of about 4–5 days.

I think he was desperate for someone to tell him he was in the right…for provoking minors into a physical altercation.

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Yeah, I suspected as much but simply “smiled & nodded” at his, as you say, antiquated philosophies.

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This is like a Fluther wake.

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is the platter of cookies in the family kitchen @cprevite? ;)

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