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How can you know for sure whether or not you're bisexual?

Asked by MilkyWay (13745points) August 1st, 2011

I have gay and lesbian friends, but I haven’t met a bisexual person before. I understand what bisexual means, but I want to know, how do you know if you’re bisexual or not?
If you enjoy sex with girls and guys, if you’re turned on by both male and female bodies, does that make you bisexual?
And please answer the Q guys, I don’t wanna put this in General.

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I was dumb struck once when a gay acquaintance said I would not know if I was gay or not until I tried it.

I ended up saying, no, the best way to know is when you don’t even have to try to know because you don’t like it. Or something like that.

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“If you enjoy sex with girls and guys, if you’re turned on by both male and female bodies, does that make you bisexual?”

Simply, yes. Personally I consider myself bicky. Picky about the male aspect but loving the gals.

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Most of my friends are straight but I have a few that are bisexual. I don’t know how they got that way or how much they enjoy the presence of both sexes around them. I just know they are more open minded then the rest.
I don’t think that if you are turned on by a body the same sex as you [but usually you have sex with the opposite sex ] you can think of yourself as bisexual.

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The same way you know whether you’re straight or gay. You don’t always need to experience sex or any type of intimacy with both sexes or even just one gender to know whether or not you’re attracted to men, women or both. You usually just kind of know the same way a heterosexual just knows even before having sex for the first time. And being bisexual doesn’t mean you’re more open-minded than everyone else. It’s simply a preference.

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A lot of the bisexual people I know are mostly into one sex, but they’re sometimes attracted to the other. (I’m mostly attracted to men but some women are just undeniably sexy.)

I also have a close friend who identifies as a lesbian but is sometimes attracted to men. The way she explained it is that it just feels right to her. She has occasional thoughts about men but probably wouldn’t ever date one, and it’s not really a big part of who she is. So I think it’s also fine to choose your own identity.

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“If you enjoy sex with girls and guys, if you’re turned on by both male and female bodies, does that make you bisexual?”

That’s exactly it. At least, that’s the way it is for me. It’s not an equal attraction; my preferences drift over a number of years and then drift back again. But I never totally lose attraction for either sex.

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I think there can be many reasons for choosing (or maybe not choosing?) to be bi. I only say this because I know that multiple bisexual friends of mine have told me different reasons. Some say they’re simply very sexual and will take whatever they can get, some are only attracted to certain kinds of men and then certain kinds of women, some consider themselves “butch” because they only like masculine women and men (and visa versa), and I think I’m bi probably because I switch personalities; I’m only attracted to women when I’m feeling extremely masculine.

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I’m somewhat turned on by some females, but I wouldn’t consider myself bisexual. I can appreciate a good looking woman, but I don’t think I’d ever go there. I love me some man (especially mine.)

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When I go down I want a nice bald taco and not a plate of sausage with meatnalls.

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Arousal test.

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