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Yet another…Do you know what song this is?

Asked by Porifera (3064points) August 1st, 2011

This is an oldie and all I can remember is the melody and a few words: Rain, rain, rain in my eyes… memories….she… It is a very mellow song from the 60’s or 70’s I think. I have tried Google but nothing comes up.

Any clues?

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Is it Red Rain by Peter Gabriel?

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“I Wish It Would Rain” by The Temptations??

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No, it’s not that either :(

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“Rain, Rain” by Cher??

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Nope. Actually that’s the one that get’s the most hits on Google search.

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Dang! I’m trying though. Do you know the style? Guy or girl singing it? Is it more motown or?

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:) Thank you…that’s so sweet.
Well, it’s a band and the lead singer is a guy. No motown at all.
A bit like CSN&Y, dunno… I know I remmeber the song from early 70’s.

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