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What do you think of Geordie Shore?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6607points) August 2nd, 2011

Have you seen an episode?, are you a fan and keep track of the next episodes?, have you only seen trailers?
Whatever, I am sure everyone has heard of Geordie Shore, its a UK version of Jersey Shore but not even close to JS. I personally like JS better because I’ve kind of ‘grown’ with it now haha.
So back to the question…
what do you think of geordie show? and if you have seen it who are you favourite people?

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I have only watched one episode with my daughter. Once was enough. Never seen Jersey Shore. Won’t be bothering with Geordie Shore again either. What do you like about this program?

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I guess the drama, its a so called ‘reality show’ and I love reality shows, seeing how stupid these people act and such. But also there are fun moments.

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It’s fucking awful. My wife watched it. Basically just a bunch of guys who are proper wankers and a bunch of girls who are stupid whores. No words can describe what utterly disgusting specimens of humanity these people are.

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Haddaway & shite man, thems just a bunch a tossers.
Am not ganna watch that shite, nee bloody way like.

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@RareDenver hmm

@ucme they talk so weerd. lol

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@nailpolishfanatic Hey, dinna be takken the piss bonnie lass, ye might wind up wiv a good hiding like ;¬}

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