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Can a check valid for 90 days be cashed one day late?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) August 2nd, 2011

I have a small settlement check dated 06/01/11 and it’s valid for 90 days. I actually forgot about the check and was wondering if I could cash it today?

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@silky1 Do the math again.
It is okay (June 1, 2011 plus thirty is July 1, 2011 plus another thirty is July 31, 2011 ) only 60 plus days today. Go now before you forget. I have one that needs to be deposited today too.

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Even if the math was correct, I’d try depositing it. I’ve seen checks go through with no signature, no payee, and several other missing things as long as the dollar amount is written in. They process them so fast you can sometimes get it to go through. Cashing it might be a different story.

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Deposit it. The funds should be posted no matter if it is still within the 90 or slightly over 90.

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The flip side of this are post-dated checks.

Seeing as how the bank will process those before the future date written on the check, I cannot see how they’d take issue with processing your check after some past date.

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Probably you can cash it today and three weeks from now, not that I recommend you wait. No banks seem to not look at dates. There is no such thing really as post dating a check. My nephew cashed a check I wrote him 10 months after I gave it to him. maybe it is different with business checks, but I know with personal checks everything seems to be very lax.

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