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Are there any materials or textures that you can't stand to touch?

Asked by answerjill (6198points) August 2nd, 2011

I’m looking for answers that go beyond the typical (such as feces). For example, I had a friend who had a strong aversion to touching flour; It really sketched her out.

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I am completely grossed out by the wierd bits of food that get caught in the drain trapthingy that you empty after rinsing the dishes. Ewwww! I pick it up and bang it upside down on a paper towel and wrap it up really quickly so I don’t have to look at it. :-p

OH..and, hairballs in the shower drain.

Drains gross me out!

I do not like touching slugs, or cutting up raw meat and fish. I also HATE chicken skin and because of this, I prepare little meat. Gak!

On the other hand my cat brought in a little snake the other night and I have zero issues with picking up harmless snakes, lizards, many bugs, frogs or rodents.

The drain is by far the nastiest thing ever! lol

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Rubbing velvet the wrong way freaks me out.

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I don’t like the feeling of aluminum cans. Not sure why, they just feel wrong.

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I hate getting licked by a cow. Their tongue is really rough.

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Polyester. Makes my skin crawl! Ick!

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What? No leisure suits for you? lol

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The feel of those plastic packing peanuts.

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Two Things I definitly can’t stand to touch:

1)Silk. My hands are just rough enough, that my skin gets caught on it.

2)Also- I’m totally skeeved-out by raw meat, so I wear gloves when preparing meat for cooking or the freezer.

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Cotton balls. I get goosebumps just thinking about them.

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@Nullo: I’ve been using cotton balls to get nail polish off my nails and every time they snag, I screech.

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Leg stubble. I’m so afraid of getting it that I shave too often.

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@Coloma Oh no dear can’t pass on the Leisure suits! I just wear wool long-johns underneath for protection!

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Fiberglass building insulation.

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@KatawaGrey I hate those pill bottles that come packed in the stuff. Not much choice there but to fish it out. And stuff it back in. And fish it out…

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Another man’s penis…....and sandpaper on my nails.

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Oh Seaweed! The texture is awful to the touch and the taste. Gag! If Seaweed was the last food on earth I’d eat dirt. lol

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Ewwww Shit, I need to eat lunch, I can’t read much more here.
Something about thinking of seaweed and penises on an empty stomach, dunno

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Someone else’s wet hair caught in the drain.

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Glad to see that this question is attracting so much interest!

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@Jude That is Eeeeew gross! I hate clearing a clogged bath drain! eeew…eeeew…ick…eeeew!

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Sand, when it’s on my towel, when at the beach.

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Nail files and pretty much any sandpaper-like material. And don’t even get me started on the sound of someone using a nail file, oh man!

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Picking up a thick, wet cat furball off of the floor (using a paper towel). Sometimes, the wetness seeps through the paper towel. Nasty.

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OK @Jude…furballs are nothing compared to changing an overloaded baby bomb in a car stuck in rush hour traffic. XD

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@Cruiser That, I can handle. Baby poop doesn’t bother me.

I am about to eat a peanut butter sandwich and I refuse to check this thread until I’d done, dammit.

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Chalk. I can’t stand it. I can barely play with sidewalk chalk with my daughter. I immediately rub my fingers on the grass to try to get it off of me.

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Matte finish stretchy nylon or polyester. The thought of it being against my skin, especially if I’m a little sweaty… arrrack!

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As @FluffyChicken said, I hate the sound that results when Styrofoam© is manipulated or rubbed against most other objects.

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I don’t like when my hands are wet and I touch fresh limed walls [but dry lime on walls because I can bear it in the bags].


Dry chalk

Starchy, stiff, brand new shirts

Coarse wool slacks and suits (they itch and prick and feel heavy), with the exception of pure virgin wool.

Most polyester fabrics, like the awful polyester slacks back in the 1970s. Yuck.

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Scuffy shoes? LOL

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Chicken innards. I hate pulling out the gizzard, heart, fat and liver along with the extra tissue from inside the whole chicken. Yuck.

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unglazed pottery


@Coloma Ugh, that too! Lol. No dull, scruffy shoes. I also hate the feel of men’s dress shoes that feel and look heavy and chunky, with thick soles and no sleek taper. Men’s dress shoes should be on the light stylish side, not clunky things. A lot of men’s shoes out there on the market today are chunky, heavy, and ugly.

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Pumpkin innards too. All those slippery, slimy strings and gooey seeds. I always try to scoop as much out with a spoon as I can, but there’s always a point where I have to plunge my hand into it to make sure it’s clean. It’s the only drawback to making jack-o-lanterns.

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Rough wool fibers in a sweater. I don’t like them against my skin, They make me itch, but I can feel them with my hand or fingers and I recoil. The princess and the pea has nothing on me.
Not true. I’m not that sensitive

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Not now, but when I was a child I would be totally freaked-out by touching a half-deflated balloon.

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