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What is the number for operator assist in NYC?

Asked by tan235 (877points) August 2nd, 2011

I need to make a collect call to New Zealand but can’t find the number of the operator to make the call to in the first place.
I“m based in NY and it will be from my phone – virgin mobile.
Does anyone know the number I call?

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The “exit code” you’ll need to dial from the US is 011.
The “country code” for NZ is 64.
Following that you’ll need a 1-digit NZ area code and 7-digit local (NZ) number for your party, and you’re good to go.

011 – 64 – # – ??? – ????

# is:
Auckland 9
Invercargill 3
Rotorua 7
Christchurch 3
Napier 6
Tauranga 7
Dunedin 3
Nelson 3
Timaru 3
Hamilton 7
New Plymouth 6
Wellington 4
Howick 9
Palmeston North 6
Westport 3

(It’s prettier in the web site’s table.)

How to call New Zealand from the US and Canada.

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I need to call a operator so they reverse charge… thanks!

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Ah, in that case just dial 0 and you should connect to an operator.

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ah awesome! thank you – i just did it and my stupid phone ‘is not authorized to make calls to this number’ man nothing is easy sometimes!

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try here. I think you have to go through Virgin Mobile’s operator assistance.

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Okay, if 0 doesn’t work on your phone, there must be some kind of SysOp or other System Operator, isn’t there?

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Interesting problem. I would have thought dial zero also. If none of these work dial zero from a land line and the operator will reverse the charge. Have the person call you back on your cell if it is necessary to speak to them while on your cell.

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