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Where do YOU put on perfume?

Asked by goldilocks (273points) May 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I know this is an odd question, but I’m just wondering

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the times that i did put it on, was on my wrists and my neck, why? it’s the highest contact area i guess.

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Neck, wrists, behind knees and ankles…....places where you’re pulse is strong.

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perfume-neck and wrist.

Body spray, all over (over my close.) I squirt it then walk through it

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On my neck my wrists behind my elbow. I saw people putting it on their clothes and on their hair!!!!

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neck and wrists

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some people put it on their clothes if they have allergies, it can leave a very nasty red patch (looks like a burn and can be very sore). As for putting in your hair some brands did make perfume for the hair.

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Don’t ask where I heard this (because I honestly don’t remember) but apparently your perfume will be stronger and last longer if you wear it on areas where your pulse is the strongest…..hence my previous response.

(and I just noticed: in my previous answer….“you’re” = “your”)

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neck and wrists. also, i read somewhere that you are supposed to tap the spots after spraying (not rub) because rubbing destroys the scent particles

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Neck and either my wrists or the inside of my elbows, depending on what I’m wearing.

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Neck, wrists, & (after I’ve put on my clothes) across my chest. I heard that the French women used to spray a cotton ball heavily with perfume & put it inside the middle part of their bra because the cotton held the scent much longer & saved perfume. I’m not 100% sure on this one, so I hope no one is offended if my information is innacurate.

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@ sloane
That’s one of the more flattering stories I’ve heard about the French, so I can’t imagine they’d be offended ;)

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cleavage, hair (if its down), neck. I keep it off mywrists for the sake of my herps.

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@delirium: You missed an “e”.


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Hahahahaha, ack! no!
No extra e!

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@delerium, you meant your little snake, no?

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Lmao, my snakies and my lizard and all the other ones that I work with from time to time.

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Off topic, but a major pet peeve – please, please, please don’t subject me to your choice of perfume from across the room! Never mind my allergies, my headaches, my distaste for floral/musky/whatever…..if I walk past you and get hit in the face by a wave of perfume, if I sneeze my head off in an elevator, if I have to hang my head out of the car window, YOU ARE WEARING TOO MUCH! Just because you are nose dead doesn’t mean that I am.

Perfume should be an intimate act. A new lover should make a sensual discover as he kisses your neck. A friendly hug should have attached to it the memory of a pleasant scent. A scent should bring back childhood memories of home and comfort.

Ok, done ranting….

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syz, that’s why I love demeter fragrances. They have the greatest scents ever. (And they’re all Perfect. I own Way too many of them. I have never come across one that didn’t 100% smell like its namesake). They have scents like Playdough, Dirt (smells amazing), Grass, Rain (smells just like it does after a large rainstorm), chocolate chip cookie, brownie, to my personal favorite… tomato leaves!

I hate all other perfume. But there’s something different to me about actual scents. Particularly ones from childhood.

(Note: I don’t actually wear much of it at all. I’m paranoid about wearing too much. But my friends like to check and see what i’m wearing that day (smelling my neck/hair) and trying to guess the scent.)

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One of my favorites is a honey scented lotion. It smells so realistic, you expect it to be sticky when you put it on.

I like the fresh cut grass scent, and the leather scent, too.

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in my neck. sometimes in my clothes, a little bit, so they are more “mine”.

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i agree with wildflower. those are all the places i spray.
good theory about the pulse. i always thought you should spray on your joints cuz every time your skin gets rubbed, you release the fragrance?
who mentioned playdough? i love the smell of playdough!!! so much that i’ve tasted it, what a let down though, it didn’t taste as good as it smelled!

you can also just spray infront of you and walk into the cloud of perfume.
that way it’s not too potent.

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Nick and wrists.

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