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Why are names and email addresses required when posting comments on articles on websites?

Asked by AshlynM (10595points) August 3rd, 2011

Is there a reason you can’t post anonymously?

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I think one reason is to ensure that you aren’t a spammer or an autobot spammer.

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You could always make some shit up.

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Duh, you can post anonymously, just put your name as Anonymous and your email as X@Y.Z or some bullcrap

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It slows down the spam bots. If it was not required, every website and forum would be loaded with ads for enhancing body parts, collecting hidden cash from deposed African leaders, or buying replica watches.

Occasionally it discourages people from making comments that would be inflammatory or regretted later.

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If it is a site that cares about their comments and the validity of them they do it to ensure there is a better quality of post. As others have said, autobots, malicious users, bored people, would fill it with garbage.
So if they really want higher quality posts and comments, they will validate the email address before accepting the comment or require you to create an account. That way, if a person really wants to make their point known, they will go through the process and play by the rules.
Kinda like here

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People who hide behind a cloak of anonymity find it easier to be jerks. And having a bunch of jerks respond to a post doesn’t really provide the kind of quality interaction most sites would like to associate themselves with. You could totally enter bogus information like @Axemusica suggested, but I bet they’re hoping that the act of entering any information at all reminds you not to be a jerk, in the same way that reminding people of their company’s or college’s code of ethics makes them less likely to cheat.

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