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If I said I would give you a penny for your thoughts, what type of thoughts would I get?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) August 3rd, 2011

They have that saying ”penny for your thoughts”, if I gave you one US penny for your thoughts, what kind of thoughts would they be? Would I get a thought worth just a penny, would I get one worth $30 to $75 dollars? Would I get a priceless thought? Would the thought be of a person, place or thing?

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If you gave me a penny for my thoughts, then my thoughts will all just be the same and that is Sexual Thoughts. :)

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Right now, you would probably draw a blank.

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Nowt, fuckin cheapskate…....a pound & maybe i’ll talk ;¬}

Hibernate's avatar

Random things and you’d get some money from this.

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It involves pink elephants.

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Let me put it this way. Your stomach would be completely empty afterwards.

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You get what you pay for. shrugs

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Usually makes me think of a penny…

myyyyyy penny now!

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It made me think of the beach shelter in the town where I grew up where you had a to put one old style penny in the slot to use the toilets. Not that we ever did. We made our own arrangements.

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My two cents (is that a two-fer?): There are leavers and there are stayers. I’m a stayer, goddamit!

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Disturbing, chaotic thoughts that leave you chilled and clammy.

Go ahead.

Make my day!

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I was just thinking about how some animated fish are really cute. There ya go. Penny please. :)

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Thoughts of great hope,happiness and 20% off Macy’s sale. :)

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Thoughts about bloody rare steak on a hot plate. You asked.

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Hot sex and for a couple bucks more I would give you the details!

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For a damn penny, you’ll hear shit. For maybe $50, maybe I’ll talk, and we’ll end up on the floor, passed out from laughing.

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Thoughts? What thoughts? It’s an abyss in there….a bottomless pit!

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This one comes cheap and was voiced recently by @tranquilsea.

“The goal of communication should always be to be as clear as possible using as few words as possible.”

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was thinking that I have most definitely eaten too much

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This is all you get for a penny. If you want more with included insight, you’re going to have to pay more.

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I doubt I could sort out just one, it would be tangled like a ball of yarn after a cat got it.

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You’d get the weird thoughts of my strange observations of the day. Things like “That guy would look way different if he had more hair.”

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You would probably get one of the negative thoughts running through my head, like…..“wtf was he/she thinking when they dressed today!” :\

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A penny’s worth of thoughts is,” Last week I…”

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