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Is turning 40 a big deal? How would you celebrate this milestone?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) May 2nd, 2008
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40 is not as nearly traumatic as 30 or 50 and I suggest getting together with old friends who are in the same boat as you. Reminisce about the first 40 and discuss plans for the second half of your life. It actually gets better in some respects, so don’t sweat it!

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When I turned 30, I was so freaked out. I needed to do something big, so I took this amazing trip. When I turned 40, I barely noticed. I treated it like the previous birthday, no big deal. This year I turn 41 and I feel younger than I did years ago. Either I’ve changed or the world has, maybe both. Bottom line is…you know how important it is to you. Me, it was no big deal.

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When my father turned 40, we kicked it off with jokes gift and an ‘over the hill’ theme. Someone found a candle in the shape of a gnarled old oak with the phrase, “40’s not old if you’re a tree” written across it. He thought it was hilarious, but I guess it really depends on the person.

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For me, the big 3-oh wasn’t that big a deal (although I did stock up on ice cream and wine beforehand – turns out I didn’t need it, just shopping), so I don’t expect 40 to be particularly nasty either.

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I’m coming up on 40 in August and I’m excited. I am going on a golf trip with some friends the week before and then the night of my birthday we will go downtown and I will see if I can still drink like when I turned 21. lol. I predict the only difference will be that it will take me 2 weeks to recover as opposed to 1 day. Hmmm…..actually I might re-think that plan now that I am writing this.

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Soon to be 40 also and I dont think it is a big deal. Every year though I think, ” Wow my childhood years seem like they were just yesterday at this rate I will be dead in what feels like tommorow”

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Keg stand.

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My Parents and Auntie wrote a limerick and framed it with photos and things and gave that to him for his 40th.

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It’s all in your perspective. For me, turning 30 was a big deal (in a bad way) because of where my life was at. Sounds like, from your profile, you’re pretty level-headed and enjoying life.

I would celebrate 40, because although a young age overall, not eveyone attains it. Treat yourself, and celebrate your wisdom. Maybe a special trip, is there a vacation you’ve put off?

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LIke a couple of the others, I found that turning 30 freaked me out more than turning 40 did. I didn’t really want a party, and then my parents flew both of my baby sisters and my brother-in-law here from Australia (here being USA), which was a surprise for me. They turned up on my doorstep at 11:30pm the night before my birthday. So we just went out for a family dinner.

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I’m going to be 60 this year. In retrospect, 40 was nothing but a number, and it didn’t really seem to be anything more than that at the time. I was actively involved in bicycle racing at the time and was probably in better shape than I’d ever been in my life.

Even 50 wasn’t much of a hurdle. I suppose it made little difference to me because my consciousness is always centered in the present. The past is dead, and the future is an enigma. If now is all you really have, does it really make a difference how old you are?

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50 is coming up fast. I have already threatened my loved ones with a nocturnal head shaving should any black candles, funny cakes or over the hill’ presents show up. can you imagine the looks on their faces when they wake up with the left half of their head shaved? I’m a simple guy, just buy me a beer and we’ll go in on a pizza doused in hot sauce.

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@gooch You got it…on the money…and it goes even faster….:)

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