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Is there a way to remove DRM from iTunes music?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) May 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Removed by myself.

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You’ll have to look it up, but there’s a program that rips your library to CD-RW piece by piece and then imports back into iTunes. I think I read about it on about a year ago. Ripping to CD strips the DRM.

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is it true of you buy iTunes+ albums or tracks that they are DRM free?

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Yes. You can also buy major artists’ DRM-free music from AmazonMP3.

And of course, eMusic provides DRM-free music from independents.

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And kevbo’s right, that if you burn a normal audio CD, then that is, by definition, DRM free. And then you can rip that back into iTunes. But of course, it takes time and you can only do 12–15 songs at a time.

The Hymn Project used to be available and it would create DRM-free copies of your music files (by playing them in the background really fast and capturing the audio stream directly). However, it looks like the downloads are offline (perhaps due to cease-and-desist from the RIAA?).

And finally, TUAW does mention a technique employing iMovie HD that can strip DRM from music files.

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iTunes Plus tracks are DRM free, but not user info free. Not all lables make their info available in plus format. If you don’t want any identifying info in the resulting file user the ripping techniques mentioned above.

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thanks. I am going to try the iMovie method

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