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Have you or would you put a message in a bottle and, if so, what would it say?

Asked by tranquilsea (17655points) August 3rd, 2011

Just that really :-)

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I never have, but I think it’d be so fun!

I’m not sure what I’d say, but I’d definitely put my address on it so that if someone retrieved it, I might get a return letter and know that someone had found it and where it had traveled to!

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I’d put a “Enjoy your life as much as you can ! ”

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“Someday, somehow, someway.”

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It would say “Help! I am trapped on a spherical island that is being destroyed by 7 billion rampaging lunatics.” And then I would send it off into space.

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It would give the time & date that I was putting it in the water along with our email and address so we could get info back from the person that rec’d it. We’d probably pick a favorite poem or quote when sending it, too.

I think my son will do this soon actually…especially after seeing this latest news story

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If I did it would say; “You ain’t getting your five cents back off this bottle, so toss it back in the ocean”.

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My grandma used to years ago, for the milkman. Would go something like this…....
“No yogurts next week please, an extra gold top would be nice” XD

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Have you or would you put a message in a bottle and, if so, what would it say?
“Hi, I’m a talking piece of paper…, you have never heard that before, eh?!”

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“Please recycle.”

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I actually got incredibly drunk with a good friend of mine one night at a house on the river. We were sitting on the dock and when we finished off the large bottle of vodka, we took out a pen and paper and started randomly freewriting a message to go in the bottle. I don’t remember what all it said, but it mentioned “weathered tomes” and “sickly sweet heroine needles” among other things. We stuck the note in the vodka bottle, put some rocks in it, put the lid on, and chucked it out into the river.

After that, I started freaking out (apparently, as I don’t really remember the rest of the night too well) because I thought the CIA would find the bottle, analyze our handwriting, and come find us.

True story.

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Perhaps I’d print out a spam e-mail, roll it up, and ship that via bottle. I actually logged a fun one about discount forklifts.

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