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How can I be successful in the future and reach my goals?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6607points) August 3rd, 2011

Just to give you all a little background info on me. I am 17 years old and in 3 weeks I will be starting grade 12 and I am very excited but also very nervious since I will be attending a new school and I know no one there… yet.
Anyway I am taking a business course for 4 years or however long it will take me to finish.

Then my goal is to move to Spain or Italy… maybe the US or Canada but mainly Spain because I am just in love with that country. Ever since I heard the language and saw the food, the boys, everything I just fell in love with it. Now I have been studying Spanish for 1 year and I will continue until I finish school, and I regret not starting earlier.
Thats my main goal in life, move to Spain or italy, have my own online store, open a beauty salon for women of colour because most of the times we are always left out or own a clothing store in Zambia with imported items from all over the world and also work with some charities in Zambia or even start my own.

Obviously to reach my goals I need to study hard and do my best in school. But other than that what else do you think can help me make it? I wanna have a bright future :P
Its not all about money for me, its about doing something for others and enjoying life because its too short to be worrying about other things.

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You have taken the first step in achieving your goals by making these goals. Now you need to take each one and break them down by identifying each and every element that needs to happen and take place in order for you to reach that goal. Break them down into the simplest of ways and this will help you stay focused and on task! Also…put in place little rewards you can give yourself or little celebrations each and every time a goal is met. I have done this my whole life and have met some pretty lofty goals by doing so. You also have to be realistic, flexible and able to rebound from set backs. Good luck!

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@Cruiser Great advice, thank you!

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@nailpolishfanatic I agree with @Cruiser. Further, we, as a family write our goals down together each year, so we can be each others support system in accomplishing our goals. We’ve found writing down our goals and keeping the ones we desire/need to accomplish first visible works most successfully.

Visibility is key. Where do you look at least once daily?

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In addition to what @Cruiser and @SpatzieLover offered (great answers, by the way), it could be helpful to talk to some people who have successful businesses like the one you want to have. Running your own business means being skilled in many areas, like marketing, finance, management, etc. It might help guide you as your education continues.

And if I may speak for those of us that have gotten to know you, you are a young woman who will succeed at whatever you decide to do.

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Keep the fire burning in your gut. Never let it die. Never quit.

Emulate and study the very people who have closely achieved what you are just dreaming and planning about now. Learn from them, their strengths and weaknesses. Follow the path they took if you can or find your own special road. And don’t forget to smile all throughout this great journey!

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@SpatzieLover Thats a great idea, hmm where do I look daily? – blogs and online boutiques :)

@Pied_Pfeffer Aww thank you.

@mazingerz88 Will definitely not quit. Thank you.

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With patience and hard work. And when things don’t go very well just think on the result and focus over that.

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My biggest piece of advice in addition to all the other fab comments is don’t let a disappointment pull you down. Often things don’t work out exactly the way we’d want them to but we have to learn a lesson, brush it under a rug and keep going.

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Dont ever let anyone (be it family or a man) get in the way of your goals! Anyone who trys to change your goals and/or values doesnt respect the person you are. Don’t lower your goals to suit another persons needs. People that encourage you and believe in you are true (keep these people around) Anyone else has issues. Remember everyone makes mistakes thats just part of life, Success will be measured by your determination. Make obtainable, reachable goals write them down once you accomplish them set new one a little higher, trust me this help you see that you are going in the direction. Good Luck!!!

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In general read a lot of practicle books.I would suggest you to read How to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie and Freaknomics by Steven Levitt.Find a partner you can trust and share your dreams and desires. I have something similar in mind. Hope they will help you, good luck :).

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