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Which keyboard should I buy for my Mac PowerBook G4?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) June 16th, 2007

My PC keyboard will not fit into my Mac. So I was going to buy a Mac keyboard. But the feedback for this keyboard is rather poor. What other kind of keyboard could I buy?

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any keyboard which uses a USB connection will work with your mac. i advise going to a large computer retailer and trying out a bunch of keyboards until you find the one you like.

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Do you mean an external keyboard for when your laptop is stationary, or a replacement internal 'attached' laptop keyboard?

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An external keyboard for when my laptop is stationary; to use with my bigger monitor.

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Well as Sam said, I'd suggest you just go 'feel some up' (d-:) to get a feel for one that just... fits you. It depends if you want something 'heavy' and 'clicky'; something more like an old fashioned typewriter feel, something light and 'invisible' to your fingers, something thin and slim - there's a lot of different types, and what matters most is really how it feels to you. I myself use a Logitech DiNovo:;=us,en

Another I really like using at the various places I have used it is the Kensington Slimtype:

Again, I wouldn't order one online until you've physically tried it out - it's ALL about how it feels to you in the end.

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I would look into getting Apple's bluetooth keyboard (that is if your MacBook has bluetooth) --

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As an addendum to my earlier answer, ttoone is right too - I own and love several Mac keyboard. I just happen to know that in any given conversation, I seem to be the only one who likes using the Apple-made keyboards, everybody I know seems to find them uncomfortable - hence why I never recommend them off the bat.

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The correct answer is:

This is your winner, the software is good, and the keyboard is mgnificently comfortable. There are days I think microsoft should give up writing software, at which they are mediocre, and focus on making input devices, at which they are gods striding the earth.

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