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How could I do this with transistors?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) August 3rd, 2011

I quickly threw together an ethernet tester today, but I want to make a really good one too. I want to have 2 LED’s for each wire, one red and one green. When I turn on the power I want to have all the red ones lit, then if the circuit is completed they switch to the green. Is there a way to easily do this with transistors?

basically use them as mini relays to that if the positive from the ethernet line comes through then it will turn on the green led instead of the red led.

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Possibly this website diagramming relays would help you? Otherwise, instructables is often used by homeschoolers for this type of thing.

Good luck!

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I use instructables all the time, and couldnt find squat, I could use relays but it would be too big. Oh well.

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:( Aww shucks!

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@SpatzieLover Yeah, I had thought of relays but this is just powered by a nine volt and its in a fairly small case, I guess I’ll have to settle for 8 LED’s instead of 16 :(

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