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Is having thick wrists determined by genetics, hormone levels, or diet?

Asked by Sponge (541points) August 3rd, 2011 from iPhone
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Thick wrists? Do you mean bone width? That is definitely genetics.

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I would say genetics, the same goes for ankle width. People with chicken legs can’t usually get nice, muscular ankles and vice versa.

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My (fairly uninformed) vote is for genetic, as I have very thin wrists that look just like my mother’s.

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My mother was taller and slightly heavier than I but her wrists were much thinner. I am not able to wear the really lovely diamond watch she gave me; luckily it fits my daughter.

Is there such a thing as fat wrists?

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Do you mean you have fat deposts on your wrists, while the rest of you is relatively thin? That is unusual, but I have a relative who developed it in her 50’s. If you mean you just have large wrists, the bone is large, or you were born with thick wrists, then it is genetics.

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I have thick wrists, no fat, just thick, I am not a particularly large person otherwise and none of my three brothers, parents or grandparents have wrists that are anything approaching as big as mine which seems to rule out genetic inheritance, I was however from a very early age on a very keen and frequent kayak canoeist and am inclined to think that my wrists have developed as a consequence of my training regime and diet over many years. I have also developed a more muscular torso than any of my siblings.

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@thetas49 I think it could easily be genetics and your kayaking. I can almost always tell a competitive swimmer by how broad their shoulders and back are. Part of what made you good at canoing was probably your bodies strength in your wrists and arms, and you easily built them up. Maybe you were born with them a little large already. I know many people who have thick ankles or large calves, it is a similar type of thing.

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