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If you wash your hair every night, does it damage it?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) May 2nd, 2008

I’ve been told that if you wash your hair every night, it can damage your hair and colour etc.

Ive been washing my hair like that, and it’s fine =/

Is this true or not?

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I’ve heard the same thing myself and I wash my hair every morning. My hair is extremely healthy and in fantastic condition… so I am leaning toward the “it’s false” answer.

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It really depends on your hair type. I can’t wash my hair every day or it’ll dry out. But if you tend to have oily hair, washing it every day is probably okay.

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seems someone told me that will make ur hair like scorch weed

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It may damage the hair, but considering the alternative (for me) is thin, greasy hair, I prefer to wash and style every morning.
Besides, everything will damage your hair, but you can slow down the rate at which it happens by using conditioner, heat-protecting spray, etc.

I often skip a day of shampooing if I’m on holiday or the occasional weekend, just to avoid drying it out – I have no idea if it makes any difference though.

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I wash my hair every morning, and use a gentle and natural shampoo and conditioner. It’s quite expensive, but I get it fairly cheaply through a friend of mine who does hairdressing. My hair hasn’t dried up and fallen off yet. :)

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yeah, it completely depends on your hairtype. I have very thick hair that doesn’t produce alot of oil, & my strands are fine. I only wash my hair 2–3 times a week because, if I wash it anymore, it’ll dry out. So if your hair is fine, stick to your guns, but I would suggest using Aveda care products just because they’re all natural & produce exceptionally healthy results.

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Aveda is very good and I second that recommendation. :)

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If you’re using a stronger wash routine, then perhaps just rinse rub and dry your hair one morning, then wash the next. That comes from my hairdresser.

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If you shampoo, only do so once, not the rinse, lather, repeat. My hair has improved noticeably since I started this at the advice of a hairdresser. Also, use quality products and condition every day as well.

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The ol’ “repeat” run around. Classic.

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i shampoo every morning only because i sweat during the night. then i condition once or twice a week to freshen it up.

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