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Why did the tattoo Barbie raise such a stink, if it had been a Bratz doll would that have been so?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 4th, 2011

Is a tattoo on a Bratz doll more acceptable than if on a Barbie? Because Bratz are suppose to be more edgy, ethnic, and urban it is expected more than not to see tattoo, piercings, etc on them than hot dogs, apple Pie and Chevrolet suburban Barbie? Why should there be any opposition? These days are not many mothers themselves sporting tattoos, and not just those hidden for bedroom only views.

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Interesting question. The idea did shock me as I read it but once I allowed it to sink it.. what is the big deal? Here is what I think is going through people’s minds

1. Barbie is a wholesom toy/rolemodel for young children (debateable)
2. Girls will automatically want to get tattoos if they see barbie putting them on
3. Tattoos are bad (presumably)

The thing is though as you point out, they have other role models that will encourage them towards other less desirable things. Also, children often eat sweets/chewing gums which have those water tattoos in them. What really is the big deal?

I think the issue is more about the corruption of barbie and her image as opposed to the affect it would have on children.

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“Raise such a stink?” I have a friend that has ‘diarrhea’ in Kanji tattooed on his butt ;) really

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I don’t like the BratZ bug eyes, and their feet poop off to switch the shoes. Barbie is way more stylish.

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I have to say I do not like Barbie having a tattoo. I don’t like any dolls for children having tattoos.

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Bratz dolls were raising a stink, anyway. Who would notice if there was more?

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This is the Barbie my girls all played with and they turned out fine.

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This is actually a good question. You are right that it has to do with symbology as in what the Barbie doll is to represent vs. what the Bratz doll is to represent. They both push an ideal of femininity but are clearly marked by class and race difference.

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@JLeslie I have to say I do not like Barbie having a tattoo. I don’t like any dolls for children having tattoos. Would not little girls who get plugged into the brouhaha have conflicting thoughts if their mothers had tattoos, and visible ones like the shin, biceps, neck, wrist etc? Will they not be confuse as why tattoos are bad for Barbie but not for mom, or that if tattoos are bad for Barbie than mom is doing something bad?

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@Hypocrisy_Central @JLeslie As opposed to dolls who have make up or sexualized clothing or gendered activities? Those implications to me are more dangerous than a doll having tattoos. Besides, I have more tattoos than any doll so my children would have no problem with tattoos to begin with.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir You of course make a valid point. I realized on the other Q about breast feeding baby dolls that I am not much of a doll person to begin with. I prefer dolls to be rather blank slates that children can pretend with. I did not have a Barbie doll when I was little, I don’t remember having any babydolls, although I probably did have one? I guess Barbies represent adults. I think of dolls for children as representing children or babies, so having a tattoo seems odd to me. But, Barbie has boobs, so I guess the way I think about is a little disjointed.

@Hypocrisy_Central I have no problem with a mom having a tattoo or two or more. I do admit to having a few opinions about where the tattoos are, where on the body, and some stereotypes that go along with it. the back tattoo is particularly provocative in my opinion, but so are big Barbie breasts I guess? Although breasts are natural and are sexualized because of our culture.

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Ugh. It looks like Barbie walked by a tattoo shop and on a whim picked a bit of flash off the wall.
Bad form Barbie.

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