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Best road bike for a casual rider?

Asked by zahava85 (131points) May 2nd, 2008

My old bike is ready for retirement. I ride to work (8 miles or so round-trip) occasionally and around my neighborhood. I need something really light and small because I’m petite. Any brand/type suggestions?

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Have you seen those fold up bikes? That might be perfect for you! Giant makes this great one called the Halfway. You can find it at

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I agree with the folding bike suggestion. I ride to work as well and when I get there I just fold up the bike and put it next to my desk. Try this link for a lot of folding bike info and you can check out many brands/types.

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@reed: Cool site! Thanks! May I ask what kind you have?

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@Babo: I actually have a couple, a Xootr Swift and a Montague. I’ve ridden a few others as well like Dahon.

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thanks for the folding bike ideas! i will definitely look into that.. if i opt for a more traditional bike, can people suggest some other brands/types?

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I have a Xootr Street but I didn’t know they make folding bikes! I’ll check it out! Thanks!!!

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Bianchi San Jose is great fixed gear commuter bike

I have the 2007 model.

Good Luck!

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Giant also makes some great street bikes. I have a Cypress and I love it! It’s light, well built, and didn’t cost too much.

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@robhaya – I wouldn’t suggest a fixed gear for a rider like this.

I might recommend something like a 3-speed internal hub Swobo. Swobo makes great bikes that aren’t going to cost an arm and a leg.

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I like Marin bikes. I have a Muir Woods. Its a great street bike and it only weighs 12 lbs. You could probably look into buying a kids bike. They’re usually cheaper.

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i was going to say marin too. if you live in the area there are a million on craigslist.

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@emilyrose: i’m not sure what “the area” is (SF?).. but i’m in st louis! thanks though for all of the suggestions!

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oh yeah, i meant to say bay area. sorry!! i think a large # of people on fluther live in the bay area since one of the founders lives here…..

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@zahava – You’re in St Louis? You should really check out recycled cycles. It’s a guy running a used bike shop out of his house/garage, and he usually has some pretty good deals. I think it’s

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I would personally recommend the Kona zing delux. I know the bike is for advanced users but who knows you just might move up the ladder sometime. With his bike you never know. I always say, if you are going to invest, invest in the best. Good collection of road bikes here including the kona I was referring to.

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