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Advice on how to impress a guy?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) August 4th, 2011

I know some guys like girls that a sweet and down to earth ,don’t wear a lot make up and are really smart. Other guys like girls who are blonde, ditsy, wear a lot of make up, and are bitches.

I know for sure there is no one type of girl guys could like, but is there a way I can impress one? Besides the obvious answer of being myself? Should I just ask him, because I thought that would be too awkward.

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Check your spelling? Lol. Sorry just can’t resist.

Don’t ask directly. Maybe get info from one of his friends. The best way is to observe him, where he often looks or not look. You can see it in his eyes sometimes. But don’t change who you are just to accomodate him. You might impress him at first but truth shall be known sooner or later and that’s when things might get dicey.

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Nothing has changed: guys are the ones that usually have to throw themselves out there. All you have to do is stand there and be alive, but if a guy doesn’t like you, you can’t do anything about that.

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I cannot tell you as I’m not a guy…

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Don’t try to impress a guy.

Just try to be yourself, and socialize.

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Depends, if you want a fling or some fun then you have to be ditsy, stupid, agree with everything they say. But if you really want someone to like you and be interested in you then be yourself. You’re awesome. Don’t think you need to impress anyone.

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@mazingerz88 Are you really serious about the spelling? Should I check it? Or you’re just being funny?

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@blueberry_kid It’s “Impress”. We all make mistakes :)

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@blueberry_kid I think it spells “impress” if I’m not mistaken…

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@blueberry_kid In your title you’ve written E mpress instead of I mpress.
just how you empress a guy lol

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Woopsies! Thanks everyone.

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If you like a guy talk to them. We don’t mind if you do. I prefer it since if someone is going to be rejected I would rather it not be me. I’m not picky

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I think in general, more men would appreciate a woman approaching them. I can’t imagine a guy blowing a woman off like some of the ways I’ve been rejected by women. I wouldn’t see anything wrong with it and I don’t know why it’s like this. If we weren’t interested, we would simply say so in a respectful manner like it was the other way around.

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@blueberry_kid: “Advice on how to impress a guy?”

Be that girl that doesn’t want to impress a guy. Seriously. That’s impressive.

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Use words to express your feelings both good and bad and be able to run the 100 yard dash in heels! Now that is impressive.

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Don’t be the helpless little lady stood at the side of the road waiting for a man to come along & change your flat tyre, in case you break a nail….. If you can roll up your sleeves & change your own tyre & not worry about breaking a nail or getting a little dirty, then I’m impressed…. If you can do a full engine strip down & re-build then I’m really impressed :-/

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Be opinionated and have a high level of consciousness and self-awareness.

That should drive the worst of them away, heheh…

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If you like the guy I suggest you should flirt with him but be yourself as well I know you don’t want to hear that but it’s true if you are yourself then he might like you but if you try to be someone else then yeah it’s not gonna happen . But also make sure you dont change yourself for no-one specially a guy . ! So, just flirt and be who you really are hope I help. (:

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I’m sorry if someone asked it before me. Why do you need to impress a guy? What will you get out of it?

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I don’t need to. I just want guys to like me because I’m not the one at school that gets all the compliments and wolf whistles and allthat. I get “Love your curls!” and outstanding grades, and teachers compliments, and nerd calling, and so many friends I can’t count.

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@blueberry_kid: “I get “Love your curls!” and outstanding grades, and teachers compliments, and nerd calling, and so many friends I can’t count.”

Keep being yourself and get ready for college. Don’t underestimate males’ attraction to the nerd.

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Hehe. Don’t bother now. Tom said it better. Get ready for college. It will be much better.

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Don’t ignore the obvious, you have to be yourself, but also take an interest in the guy. That always works.

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Don’t try too hard! I’m with this awesome guy now. He comes in to the restaurant where I waitress for coffee every morning. I impressed him by running around like a madwoman bringing people breakfast, but I’d always stop to talk to him, ask him about his day, etc. Then he asked me out!
Or maybe it was just because I play the accordion.

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You’ll regret it in the end if you try and change yourself to suit any one guy’s liking.
If you just be yourself (I know, this is what people always say), once you find a guy who’s impressed by that (and you will) he will be more right for you than a guy who’s attracted to a facade you put on.

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Why even try to impress someone? They should appreciate you as you are.

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so simple! ask his best friends

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First of all, you’re awesome the way you are. Stay that way. Try just talking to the guy, spend time with him. Get to know him and let him get to know you. The real you.

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Just be confident, and hard to get. If that doesn’t get him, wait for the next guy.

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Talk to the guy. Figure out what his interests are and learn enough about them to be able to talk intelligently about them. Talk passionately about the things that you believe in.

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I say don’t try to be someone your not, because you WILL just get lost in your own lies. Try to be spontaneous and outgoing though every guy likes a bright and optimistic girl.

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