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Do you all have a name for your car?

Asked by Jude (32144points) August 4th, 2011

If so, what is it?

Mine is Jolene. Jolene. Jolene. Joleeeennnneee!

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My black Volvo wagon is “Lord Volvomort”

suck ittttttttt

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Accord, and no, it’s not what you think…...It’s because it’s a honda accord.

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SILVER STREAK…..............

It has 277,000 miles on it heading for 300,000.

Last year, more traffic tickets were issued for Toyota Solara’s, than any other make of automobile in the United States.

This is why i call her Siver Streak. Blink you eyes and I am gone.

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Our car is just simply Honda Civic.

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Well, if I get my dream car (Mustang”) then, I would name her Loretta. But for now, I’m going to get my mom’s crappy Fusion, named Glitter.

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Not recently, but in days of yore I drove The Dolt (Dodge Colt) and Wanda the Honda

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Piece of shit

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I had a Nissan Maxima named Max. So clever, I know.

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Mine is just “the red station wagon”. Unless it isn’t working then its name isn’t printable here.

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You sure?

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Smurfette (Blue and white Mini Cooper.)

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For a long time it was, “I hate that thing” but now it’s just a ride.

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I call my Jeep “the target” because it has actual bullet holes in the side. I don’t have a name for my BMW, though.

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I named my Mustang Yvonne, hardest fastest ride I ever had.

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No, it’s a crock of *****

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Miss Trixie! She’s my brothers car, and he bought it from a cousin. We’re not sure if the cousin named her or if they got her with the name, but she’s been a great car and we don’t dare change her name!

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Black Betty. When I play the song she seems to get a little happier. ;)

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@Allie my best friend and I had an old beat up pick up truck that we would drive around on his farmland back in the day. We named it Black Betty and we loved that thing. It had bullet holes in the door and a bird’s nest in the air conditioner, but we loved her.

We would sometimes stack up plastic 55 gallon drums like bowling pins and set them up at one end of the field. We’d drive to the other end and floor it and run headlong into the drums to see how far we could knock them. Good times.

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I named mine Caeneus, but I’d forgotten that I did until this question reminded me.

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No. We just call it Jeep or The Jeep. If I had my very own vehicle, though, I might call it something ..I don’t know.

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I had a canary-yellow scooter named Lulu. I replaced it with a bigger cherry-red one named Lola.

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I do have proof my car is a POS. My son’s girlfriend has a better car than I do. She drives a Ford Windstar. lol

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