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What would you do with 100 million £/$/€?

Asked by MeeblyConevily (129points) August 4th, 2011

What would you do if you won 100 million £/$/€
I would buy a few nice cars big house and a holiday home clear my debts give some money to charity go on a nice holiday every year
and live in luxury for the rest of my life.

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Pretty much the same but I would also pay off my families mortgages, give them a bit extra and set up an income providing trust for my brother (if I just gave him a lump sum he would likely blow it)

I would keep my current house but add a property in London (would let my mate Glen live their rent free so long as he covered the bills and my wife and I could come and stay as and when we liked) another property in New York, one in California somewhere and one in Thailand.

In addition, I work for a Financial Advisers, I would become one of my bosses clients.

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Buy a Shelby GT 500, swing by the the playboy mansion, pick up a few bunnies, and go on a cruise with them. If the boat’s a rockin, don’t come a knockin… unless your hawt. lol

Okay, so I’d more than likely, invest some of it, get a little comfy cottage near the beach, and probably just have enough left over to complete my two 40k armies. I already have a mustang so I’m good there.

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Pay off loans, build a new house, get a farm, ensure for my kids education, for my family member’s end of life and post end of life expenses. Put some in savings, invest some, give the rest to charity.

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I would buy an island put in a modest water-park and only invite people who have never had a real vacation.

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@Cruise Oh my god how did i forget to buy an island

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I’d buy me better bed and I’d sleep more often without having to think about money.

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I would buy this house, fill it up with stuff like this and this and I would buy this car.

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Buy the BIGGERESTEST ice cream !

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I’d create a foundation which would generate an ongoing income and do what I want it to do after I die, take care of my friends and charities (environmental causes), create an institute of game design arts, develop computer games hiring some people to do the parts I don’t want to, and get or build some nice houses.

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First of all i’d ask the guy who presented me with the cheque to announce the amount in the style of Dr.Evil…...mwwwwahhhh!!!

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@MeeblyConevily welcome to fluther!

I’d get that million pounds converted into dollars, because then I’d have more like $1.5 million. :D

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Pay off a few mortgages then start some kind of company that can employ as many people as possible working in the US.

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Pay off my mortgage but I would buy properties in the cities I would like to be able to visit often. Sydney, Melbourne, London, to name a few (more would follow).

I would also buy each of my children a home.

I would really like to make a difference for people I don’t know too. So I would definitely want to instigate some charitable projects. Not just give to charity, but be involved and create change in a targeted way. For instance, scholarships for Indigenous kids here in a range of fields. Put in place programs to help refugees transition and settle into their new home. Work with families who are struggling across a range of situations. Try to put in place initiatives to generate more community connectedness. I think many of the problems we have in society are about how disconnected our communities are becoming. Work with the homeless to try to ensure people in my country at least, have a roof over their heads and help to get out of the situation they are in. Places to go and shower and get ready for an interview for instance. A place to access email so you can actively seek work/shelter.

And probably a hundred million other things…

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A lot of it would go to my mom and getting her a new house, car, etc. I’d use some of it to travel and to go to the schools I want to go to, and some for silly materialistic things. I’d like to give some to charity, but I’m very skeptical about charities so I’d put in a lot of thought to where it would go first. The rest would be saved/invested, with some put aside to be used if needed.

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